Jul 17, 2013

Dear KMBC: You're killin me with your bigger and bigger ads on my iphone! Cut back or I'll delete you!

You're advertisements on IPHONES seem to be getting BIGGER and BIGGER. There becomes a point when your ADS make looking for your NEWS SERVICE no longer becomes worthwhile. Ads are now too many lines of my iphone real estate!

You've surpassed that point, Channel 9! Raise your rates, not the iphone "real estate" you'e taking from your viewers before you give us the CONTENT we expect from you by CLICKING ON YOUR APP!!

I'm ready now to delete your app. Don't have a problem with a mention of your sponsors at the top of each page, but when your ads take up so much space on my iphone at the expense of the headlines, your ads virtually SCREAMING AT ME, they get in the way of my interest in CONTENT, I'm GONE! 

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