Jul 21, 2013

And Away They Go – More Major Sponsors Sail From Limbaugh’s Sinking Ship

“AAMCO stores are locally owned and operated, and each, therefore make advertising purchasing decisions at their own discretion. However, after many requests online from groups and individuals who have continuously posted about the controversial content on the Rush Limbaugh program, AAMCO investigated where local centers were advertising on Rush Limbaugh programming. The program was not specifically selected by any local AAMCO center, but was part of a broad program rotation in two local markets. Because of this, AAMCO has since requested to those markets that the Limbaugh program be removed from the ad rotation, therefore making an exception to its local policy.”

Very good. Pray tell, why didn’t they do this before? For over a year they have been contacted by individual consumers and groups. Many of these national chains often say they do not agree with Limbaugh’s commentary, but they have no control over their franchises. That’s BS, and we all know it. When push comes to shove, it’s their name and logo on the line – and  they can call to order.  Push also came to shove for Dish Networks, Capstone and Safelite who’ve not been heard on Limbaugh’s show for months.  Angie’s Lists has gone back and forth, so we don’t know what they’ll do. (They’re gone for now.) The protests are clearly working. Limbaugh’s parent company, Clear Channel, run by CEO Bob Pittman and President John Sykes, has lost hundreds of millions in revenue.  Clear Channel is owned by Bain Capitol (yes, of the Mitt Romney flavor). And Clear Channel owns iHeart Radio.

We must celebrate the American public for these accomplishments. It has not been an easy job, no. Hundreds of thousands are involved in the work. There are numerous groups and petitions. Some groups like ‘BoycottRush’ and ‘FlushRush’, monitor stations, and report ads to the StopRush Database, then post them on their Facebook walls. The BoycottRush Facebook Group has over 58,000 members. When they post a sponsor’s name on their wall, it appears in the Facebook news feeds. Those people share on other social media networks like Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, StumbleUpon… and can reach millions. That’s a lot of bad press for a sponsor. And sometimes even bad press – is not good press.

Occasionally, several groups join together and do social media blasts. On a certain day, at a certain time, the combined group members tweet, Facebook post, call, and email sponsors – all at once. Members are advised to be respectful to sponsors. There are some that do not follow that advice, but for the most part, the boycotters are decent everyday people who’ve joined the Limbaugh protests because they care about public radio. They are fed up with the hate speech Rush Limbaugh spews daily on our public airways. Though some members are politically inclined, for most people, this is not a right/left wing issue. It’s about returning some common decency back into media – something Limbaugh greatly lacks. Public radio network was not created to be used by a hate-monger  like Limbaugh, who makes millions, to promote racism, sexism and gay-hating bigotry.


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