Jun 20, 2013

Guest Editorial... why small government isn''t a good thing. Not THESE days!

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    Getting government out of your life doesn't make you free, it exposes you fully to the beast that would [really] steal your freedom -- Corporate America.

    Some people have this romanticized fantasy that less government automatically equates to more freedom but that's up there with flying unicorns, leprechauns and gold at the end of the rainbow.
    Maybe if we were talking [real] Communism or Marxism, "too much government" might apply but to give this term to the economic system in America we are currently under, which is by definition Keynesian economics; a form of Capitalism, would be ignorant at best and laughably ridiculous at worst.

    The funny thing about this fantasy is it's not really a fantasy nor an untested theory -- it's already been done. So technically it could be called a failed experiment that we discarded that some want to dig out of the trash and try again, when all we really need to do is look at the test results from the original trials, which would tell us why we trashed it in the first place.

    For starters, uninhibited Capitalism, financial markets without government interference in the 1920s', did not form itself into the self regulating, self balancing, economic engine Rightwingers today seem to think no regulations will bring. The result of "no government" was the largest financial collapse in American history, commonly called the Great Depression.

    Government serves the people and must answer to the people. If they do not do a good job at serving the people the people will replace them. However, there's a completely different construct for Corporations. They are not beholden to "the people" but only their own shareholders. While government has a responsibility to protect its citizens, corporations have no such obligations. They have one objective only and that's to make as big a profit at as little expense as possible. This means if it's profitable for them to sell houses with led in the paint, knowing full well it will cause mental retardation in some children, they will and have done it. But it's the government that forced them to stop.

    If it were profitable for them to push something as healthy, or at a minimum non-hazardous, when they knew it caused cancer, they would and have done it (Tobacco Industry). But again, government is what stopped them.

    If it were profitable to have their employees work in life threatening conditions, or without lunch breaks they would, and have done that. But government allowing workers the right to organize and bargain stopped that.

    Capitalism is like a huge, magnificent, ravenous, beast. It does not set out to maim or kill but will not hesitate to do so if such a results will increase its profit margin. The only moral in its code is that it meet its bottom line. Its appetite is never vanquished and if not held in check it will, and has, in 1929 and 2007, brought down the very house in which it resides. The only thing big enough and powerful enough to leash this great beast, to force it to conform to ethics, and to stand between it and the citizens being trampled beneath its feet is the government.

    Government controls corporate abuse through legislation and the people control the government through the election process -- that's Capitalism. Those espoused to taking government out of the equation are either corporate hacks in government, like a Rand Paul for instance, who is bank rolled by numerous corporations or supporters of these corporate hacks, generally the Rightwing electorate, deluded by the fictitious version of freedom they've been sold and clueless to what it would take to truly attain real freedom.


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