Jun 21, 2013

Essay on words like "Retarded", "Ni&&er", Christian hypocrisy, and what we should REALLY be talking about in America

So now, conservatives are indignant because liberal HBO comic Bill Maher called Sarah Palin's retarded son, Trig,  "Retarded"  (He's young and tragically, has Down's Syndrome, as a lot of Americans do.    

Southern Cook personality Paula Deen gets fired from the Food Network for using the N word.

   Lets kick this around for awhile.

I think the word 'retarded' is much different than the N word. It is admittedly used as an epithet by teenagers towards each other. But not on the same level. Some people ARE retarded. Today's PC society likes to find more gentle words. "Developmentally Disabled" is one of those. The feds used "SMH" and "SMR" (Severely mentally handicapped), (Severely Mentally Retarded) back in about 1980, when Congress passed 94-142, The first nationwide Education for the Handicapped Children law that mandated special education for all children needing services. Very EXPENSIVE SERVICES.

Services Republicans want to CUT to the bone...setting America back 40 years! Even so, educators are always looking for softer gentler words and phrases to label people after they wear certain labels out.

Remember when schools couldn't be called 'schools"? The trendy educationeeze phrase was "Attendence Centers." Just crap coined by people with EdD,s and PhD's who write research papers.

Now of course, we have school shootings and metal detectors. But the short-bus and schoolbus bullying and namecalling remains, doens't it Paula Deen?

And the point that reminds Christians of their hypocrisy. When it comes to charity, and helping the 'least of my brothers" with foodstamps when they work Walmart wages, "What would Jesus do?"....instead of building fundamentalist megachurches in the suburbs?

I'm kinda waiting for the churches, deadset against abortion and birth control, will pass their Sunday plates to pay the medical bills for these chronically unhealthy children who cannot take care of themselves from birth to death. They wouldn't let comotose Terri Schievo's husband cut her food supply and let her die with dignity.... but I didn't notice any Christians offering to pick up the tab for her and many thousands like her, hidden away in nursing homes and 'ventilator farms' for motorcycle accident victims, birth defected children now adults, and all the other stuff the media never tells us about.

What should we be indignant about? Who should decide these policy decisions? Government? Tea Partiers, libertarians? Liberals who apply Christian principles of charity to the infirm, or conservatives who just look at the costs so they can put their riches in the stockmarket to make more money? 

Sadly, religious leadership in America has failed their flock on these difficult matters. How can talk radio not address these difficult matters?

Again, what would Jesus call "Doing the Right thing?" Have you noticed this new Catholic Pope is raising these difficult questions to his large flock. And creating quite a bit of controversy, especially among the conservative protestants, who the Catholic Church continues to patiently wait to return to the Universal Church!

(This of course is NOT the same Catholic Church of the 1940s who excommunicated my mother for marrying my protestant father. But we've learned not to say the N word since then, too, right? My dad died, by the way, no longer using the N word....for those N's were wiping his feeble ass in the nursing home where he died.) 

A lot of attitudes have changed during my lifetime in the last half of the 20th century. But we still have a ways to go on all sorts of topics... money, charity, war, respect for each other, 
descrimination, judgmentalness, hypocrisy. And spiritual awareness of how we fit in a universe where the Hubble Telescope shows us millions of suns and planets in the far distance.

Wait til the aliens show up. We won't know whether to shit or go blind!

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