Apr 19, 2013

First Report, Boston remaining suspect may be captured.

Something's happened in suburban Boston....after shots were fired, an ambulance rushed towards the neighborhood scene.   Lots of police and lawmen rushed  into the scene.   There are reports on Twitter from Boston that the suspect was pinned down.... and that a body has been found in a boat, covered up in a neighborhood.    Lots of FBI types with night vision goggles went into the area... reporters are being held back as they report live.

Assumption that police at nightfall have Marathon bombing suspect still alive, pinned down  in a covered boat stored in a neighborhood.   Unkn if he is booby trapped but theyr'e being careful as they move in on him.   Snipers surrounding suspect.

Below are TWEETS in the last little while..... 7pm central time.


7:45 central time
CNN field reporter saying police applauding, saying he's been captured.  ambulance was near scene.

Minutes later, officials confirm he's in custody, has injuries which were not initially detailed.  Suspect said to be alive and in custody....it was unclear at first report if he was taken away in a car or the ambulance seen nearby.    The scene and surrounding officers are standing down

At 7:55 media reports said the suspect was wounded probably the night before in a gunfight with police that killed his older brother.   The 19 year old was taken alive, wounded, with significant loss of blood by ambulance.    Hundreds of police started driving away from the scene to cheers of citizens who came outside to cheer them.

Eyewitness: Neighbor went to check boat behind his house today, saw blood, climbed up ladder to open boat's cover, saw a body, called police. LIVE STREAMING COVERAGE: http://abcn.ws/live
Eyewitness: Neighbor went to check boat behind his house today, saw blood, climbed up ladder to open boat's cover, saw a body, called police. LIVE STREAMING COVERAGE: http://abcn.ws/live

BREAKING NEWS: Three people taken into custody in New Bedford as part of Boston Marathon terror bombing investigation.
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  1. : Reports of "lots of blood", "boat on fire" police concerned about "suicide vest"
  2. : AP: Law enforcement official: Bombing suspect in boat stored in Watertown, Mass.
  3. Alleged Photo Of Bombing Suspect’s Corpse Leaks Online (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE)
  4. . says there are floodlights on the boat, police are yelling at suspect in

ABC NEWS: Source says should be resolved shortly. Suspect believed to be injured.

  1. BREAKING NEWS: Police appear to be preparing a robot with a camera to approach the boat. Globe reporters on scene hearing numerous...
  2. "He's hit", says , citing sources, "and they believe he's been there much of the day"

  1. Multiple law enforcement sources telling that this is Suspect #2 Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
  2. RT : Officers nearby can partially see arms or legs in the boat - reports
  3. BREAKING NEWS: Police have Boston Marathon bombings suspect pinned down in boat in Watertown backyard.
  1. Marathon bombings suspect believed to be inside boat in back yard of Watertown home. The boat was surrounded by police.
  2. 7's Steve Cooper: Source: They believe this to be the second suspect in a boat.
  3. Authorities engage possible suspect in Watertown, senior federal law enforcement official says.
  4. CBS reporting that man is alive in boat
  5. 7's Dan Hausle: Civilians running across field on Birch Street with officers.
  6. Police are engaging a possible suspect now near Boston - details live now on TV.
  7. Police converge on possible suspect in Watertown, reports say.
  8. BREAKING: Possible 'body found in a boat' in Watertown, Mass., sources tell . Situation still unfolding.
  9. Source tells the man surrounded in boat IS the suspect.
  10. CNN on delay to prevent live gory scene from Watertown. Others may be too
  11. Reports that suspect cornered & that police plan to fire gas; attempt to take suspect alive.

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