Apr 5, 2013

HE did it! Missouri Senator Roy Bribery and Monsanto

What has two thumbs and fingerprints all over Monsanto money? ~ Jay R
Who snuck in the Monsanto Protection Act?
Big Ag friend Sen. Roy Blunt has said he introduced the biotech rider and "worked with" Monsanto to do it
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  • Richard John Schmid I love it when someone's last name rhymes with what you'd really like to call him
  • Carol A Miller If Monsanto needs protection ... something's up? Could it be the fact their GMO seeds have been banned from European and Latin American countries because they've been linked to cancer causing toxic agents? Why protect any company who has the potential to make humans ill and cause so much pain and personal devastation. No wonder they're against the ACA ... eat Monsanta GMO's get sicker, die quicker.
  • Karl Mueller He should be shot for treason to this country.
  • Echo Moon hey now, don't be insulting that other word by comparing it with him.
  • Wendy Beck "According to OpenSecrets, Monsanto first started contributing to Blunt back in 2008, when it handed him $10,000. At that point, Blunt was serving in the House of Representatives. In 2010, when Blunt successfully ran for the Senate, Monsanto upped its contribution to $44,250. And in 2012, the GMO seed/pesticide giant enriched Blunt's campaign war chest by $64,250... Blunt is also a magnet for PAC money from the agribusiness industry as a whole, OpenSecrets data shows. In 2012, agribiz PACs gave him $51,000—more than any other industry save for finance, insurance, and real estate (FIRE). In 2010, the year of his Senate run, agribiz PACs handed him over $243,000, more than any other besides the FIRE and energy industries." http://www.motherjones.com/tom-philpott/2013/04/sen-roy-blunt-monsantos-man-washington
  • Ernie Martel Wish someone could find out how much he got paid by Monsanto.
  • Dan Slaby The NRA has written in protections for gun manufacturers previously. Eventually congress will protect all manufacturers from harm and tell the citizens harmed by manufacturers to take a hike.
  • Randy Hatch Just want to slap that grin off his face, creep!
    • Kelley Dane Would it make you feel better if Mary Beth did it repeatedly until he cried like cowardly girly man he is?
  • Darlene Moore Martin I am ashamed to admit he is Senator of my State...which unfortunely the majority of rural Mo. thinks he is GOD. I wrote to him many times, always get back a generic computer generated reply, I finally started telling him to not insult my intelligence with them, that I I realized he had no intention of answering me himself, because I didn't like his policies for one and the other because I was female. His staff got the message, they ignore me now. Really shows how hard this lazy freeloader works for the people.
  • Dan Akers He looks like something Monsanto made in their labs...
  • Sally Stewart How much did Monsanto pay him?
  • Shiva Raye There is no such thing as an uncorrupted politician, because it takes that much money to become a politician.
  • Jim Phillips Blunt is a no good crook.
  • Tara Taylor How is this legislation that gives immunity to one particular mega corporation even constitutional? It just doesn't seem legal to me.
  • John McDowell Crook,in big business's pocket!
  • Merrily Fantus Monster kids on the way brought to you by Monster Monsanto!

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