Apr 17, 2013

Classic! Tea Party shows how they have their heads up their asses!

Tea Party site foolishly blames Obama and Democrats for how little Americans get for their$20 bills!   When in fact, its the REPUBLICANS who always vote against raising the minimum wage. 

Now Walmart workers rely on food stamps to eat, while the rich Walton family profits more billions.   Republicans claim fewer people will work if the minimum wage is raised....it's a lie.  Always has been.    More money in people's pockets creates DEMAND FOR GOODS because they SPEND IT.   Companies hire more people when sales are GOOD.  They lay off people when no one is buying their goods.  That's how a Depression happens!    Check it:

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H/T to 'Capitalism' for this pic. This really puts things in perspective, doesn't it. How's that HOPE and CHANGE working out for you??
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And the CORRECT ANSWER TO OUR PROBLEM (Republicans, write this down!!!)

  • Curiousity Georgia Perfect graphic to show why poor and middle class people are poorer.... and why we should DOUBLE THE MINIMUM WAGE to keep up with prices. No wonder Americans have to get Food Stamps to survive.

    Tea Partiers should keep this in mind when they decide who to vote for. It aint about abortion, gays and guns. It's about YOUR FUTURE INCOME! Always vote your own family financial interest. So unless you're wealthy, you should vote democrat on both the federal and state level.    Otherwise, before ya know it, an hour's wages will only buy you a pack of chewing gum!

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