Mar 20, 2013

Why don't cities and states teach their people about the CONSTITUTION?

They keep embarrassing themselves by trying to be fascists.  Schools, cops, social workers.   TSA agents.  All taking themselves too seriously, running roughshod over us ordinary folks.  

Here's another case, this one in New Jersey of cops and social workers running amok.   And being stupid enough to show up at a gun owner's house WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT?   (Always say NO!)

Family Says New Jersey Overreacted To Boy’s Gun Photo On Facebook

More overreaction.  Anonymous hotline tip sicks Big Brother on a dad who gave his boy a gun for his 11th birthday.

Here's the VIDEO LINK to this amazing story of cops/social workers abusing their authority!   With his lawyer on the phone, homeowner/gun owner stood up to them.
CBS TV Philadelphia, VIDEO, story and comments:

No wonder gun enthusiasts are suspicious of well-meaning but abusive government people! 

 More on the Constitution's Rights you have, and your ability to stand up to official abuse... 
this from Radioman's "Government and Rights link page."

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