Mar 4, 2013

Sequester firings have already started

Just this week, my ex-Marine nephew lost his contract company job to a sequester layoff.   Wife works there too, she may lose HER job in Arizona too!   There'll be more. 

I am SOOO glad we two boomers went into technical or health technical areas.    True, once you hit sixty, they don't really want to pay you anymore, but it was a good ride and I made it to Social Security age, but barely.  Other relatives aren't faring so well, sadly.     I think a lot of middle class Americans are going to end up in DEEP SHIT, and loosing a lot of purchasing power.    And their minwage kids will be moving back in with them just to keep the house warm and pay it off.   Like Asians do!    Very Depression era lifestyles like The Waltons.  Still gotta big house?  Keep it.  Kids will be coming back in 5 years!   And you won't be moving into a retirement apt because you won't be able to afford it!

Yup, we can't live on Chinese borrowed money much longer.  And you won't get a blank Medicare check at the hospital when your body starts crashing!   They WILL start rationing.... even if they don't call them "Death Panels."   They can't afford NOT to!  And the drug companies are raping you of ALL your Social Security and retirement stipend!    They've bribed enough Congressmen to forbid you to buy the same drugs from Canada at a fraction of the retail cost!    


Sorry.   Government needs to prune back the corporate greed DESPITE that they want to bribe your congressmen to leave them alone to screw you over!

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