Jan 8, 2013

Tea Party popularity declining. Fox caught phonying up Tea Party video to make crowd look bigger. And the war on guns.

Rejoice! The Tea Party's popularity has been declining for the last several months, but now, according to Rasmussen of all places, support is at an all-time low. Maybe there's a Santa Claus after all...

Tea Party Approval Rating Tanks: Only 8% of Americans Identify Themselves as Members!

Rasmussen reported Monday that the Tea Party’s popularity has plummeted and the organization is now, in fact, less popular than ever. According to the poll, only 30% of likely voters view the group favorably and nearly half categorized their opinion of them as unfavorable.

This is a huge turnaround compared to 2009, at which time over 50% of those surveyed said they approved of the movement.

Possibly the most shocking figure to come out of the poll was that only 8% of those asked identified themselves as members of the Tea Party, which shows that beyond just approval ratings, the organization as a whole has become less desirable to Americans. Over 56% of those polled said the Tea Party has become less influential in the past year.

The poll was conducted from January 3-4, 2013 via telephone and 1,000 likely voters were surveyed.

Video from a different, earlier protest.

Jon Stewart catches Fox with their pants down: Hannity uses fake footage to inflate tea party protest

Click to see the phony Fox  video!  


Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell up for reelection in his home state of Kentucky in 2014... the man who said his sole job for the last 4 years was to make Barack Obama a one-term president.  (He failed).   Like the House Republican leader, he's a ringleader to torpedo any Congressional progress to help the middle class or fix the countries problems.  You can believe that corporate America owns this dinosaur!

Sen McConnell (R), Allison Grimes (D)


Congress pretends to cut the budget without cutting our bloated military

Biden: Obama prepared to take executive action on gun control

Radioman: Sometimes Biden should just shut up.   His comments brought me more concern than comfort, and if true, it sounds like Obama's heading for a Constitutional crisis with the Court.


Has our Understanding of the Second Amendment Outlived Itself?

I'm actually tired  of putting up daily traffic just to get you to see my daily notices on TKC.    Sorry to my favorite few readers.     I'll only put up stuff when I'm impressed, but not just when I feel the need to feed the DAILY internet beast!  

Frankly, I'm tired of the Republican bullshit from DC.  Since the election is over, I'm not sure my DAILY efforts are currently worth my work to put up new daily material. 

The Tea Party and it's pro-gun positions need to destroy themselves.  I can't really do that on my own.  This is way above my pay grade, and their stupidity is obvious, and doesn't need my personal observations to school them.  Reasonable Americans will conclude this without my intervention!!!   What absurdity!   Sweet children.  Who but the nuts don't get it?    I think my countrymen get it.    G'nite, patriots and fellow Americans and us parents who loved our children.

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