Jan 17, 2013

NRA now a fringe lunatic group; Top 'brass' needs to be fired (and not on the rifle range!).

I think the NRA is trying to bully and scare the hell out of Congress so they won't ban assault weapons. 

 I can't imagine a worse tragedy than 20 dead first graders shot over and over at school, where they should be the safest.   Guess it will take another tragedy even bigger when the NRA will have to shut up and America will come to its senses about hand held WMD's.

 NRA's La Pierre needs to be immediately fired.   And Alex Jones needs to become radio persona non grata, like Rush was, when he ranted about a high profile woman, and lost a lot of his ads.   Neither of them are sane enough to own weapons!   Most especially Jones, now too big for his britches.   Fired like Imus and Savage, and Olbermann for going too far.  Not worthy of the public trust.

Were I a card carrying gun owner, NRA member, I'd tone it down, lest your Facebook statements be used to take your guns away from YOU personally!   Moreover, everyone who threatens to start shooting up the country if they take away his guns, needs to be paid a visit by the FBI for making terroristic threats.   Charged and tried with a felony, disqualified from owning guns.  America doesn't need those assholes protecting us from government.  The rest of us will handle it, thank you very much!

  Were I a law abiding citizen (code for gun owner), I'd be peeling my NRA sticker off the back of my pickup for awhile.   And not pay dues until these fanatics are out of the NRA leadership.

Watch the NRA commercial (which was pulled by midday from the air)  and the OUTRAGE shown on MSNBC's "Good Morning Joe!" at the NRA's stupidity, targeting Obama's two girls at their school!

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