Jan 15, 2013

I'm actually tired  of putting up daily traffic just to get you to see my daily notices on TKC.    Sorry to my favorite few readers.     I'll only put up stuff when I'm impressed, but not just when I feel the need to feed the DAILY internet beast!  

Frankly, I'm tired of the Republican bullshit from DC.  Since the election is over, I'm not sure my DAILY efforts are currently worth m
y work to put up new daily material. 

The Tea Party and it's pro-gun positions need to destroy themselves.  I can't really do that on my own. 

This is way above my pay grade, and their stupidity is obvious, and doesn't need my personal observations to school them.  Reasonable Americans will conclude this without my intervention!!!   What absurdity!   Gun control needs to happen. 

Sweet children.  Who but the nuts don't get it?    I think my countrymen get it.    G'nite, patriots and fellow Americans and us parents who loved our children.

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