Jan 28, 2013

Don't distract our government with stupid shit... And a lot MORE this week

Radioman KansaSitty 4 minutes ago

I don't think it really matters whether Obama skeet shoots much.   It's the day's media preoccupation on a slow news day.

 Maybe he does. It's pretty fun. I'm not a gun buff but shooting is fun. Its was certainly the only part of military basic training that I really liked other than going to bed after a long hard day.

Lets not nickel and dime THIS president with stupid stuff like we did Bill Clinton. Remember when the Republicans were preoccupying him with a petty impeachment while arab men were learning how to fly jetliners into buildings? I expect this president is going to have to deal with Iran in a very big way. Maybe worse things.

I really wish Washington politicians of both persuasions would do what we send them to DC for. Running the government well and not bickering about the next presidential election. Quit wasting money. Cut waste, fraud and abuse. Better anticipate disasters and wars. Serve us well. Stay off of network news; let THEM fill their airtime without distracting you from your work!

Thinking much bigger, strategically, about what we need to do.

 Radioman KansaSitty  (off facebook) We need to get a Democrat House despite the US House district gerrymandering in 2010 that gave Republicans more House seats than the voters voted for.  This rigging will take some doing to UNDO.    Massive voting against the Republicans for awhile, and democratic majorities in those state's houses to UNDO that rigging.    The key is to vote REPUBLICANS OUT in your state legislatures....because they're all about party trickery!

What is gerrymandering?  Moves to redraw election boundaries so YOUR side gets more voting seats than the other party... even if the other party has more votes.    That's EXACTLY how a Democratic voting majority ended up with a REPUBLICAN controlled House.    Rigging the election.  Should that piss you off?

And we need some Supreme Court justices to retire.
...and elect a very good Presidential candidate in 2016 to finish the job. Sadly, I think the Republicans will rediscover sanity and the mainstream in time for the next election cycle.

They're not stupid people. We can only hope the Tea Partiers remain fairly strong and stupid for another year and a half and continue scaring off the independents with their insanity and keeping the Republicans off-balance.

Best thing to happen is for Bachmann and the other morons to try again to win the presidency, but I dont think they'll have enough money to run. I think the big donors have learned their lesson about funding nutcases. It got them nothing! They'll do better to find a more mass-appeal candidate.

Expect the Republicans to go much more mainstream, learn to speak Spanish, and quit pretending they are fundamental Christians while continuing to try attracting them. They'll stick with the NRA because they can count on gun owners....if this issue lasts long enough. Republicans can't possibly win without Christians and gun owners. But that wasn't enough. They need to split the Mexican vote. That'll be good for the illegals already here. Ain't politics wonderful?

I think the real issues haven't happened yet that will decide the next couple elections. They will be a horrible disaster like a US earthquake or a horrible storm, or a major war in the mideast.

And the high riding stock market will TANK soon...killing off so much US wealth. You HAVE been reading how lots of billionaires are quietly selling off their stocks. Remember the crash of '87?    I'd say go conservative with your retirement program, and do it fast.
I only wish Republicans and Tea Partiers would be patriots...and not distract Obama with their petty shit as they look towards the next election. He needs to watch the Iranians and Israelis very carefully. And watch the economy which has been very fragile.

And move our national defense to the tip of the sword and get rid of the useless military bases, lobbiest generals and their corp jets, shilling for weapons systems and new ships.

And build only roads and bridges that will increase our economic transportation, not just employ Congressmen's voters building bridges to nowhere. We have a lot to do. Improving our energy sufficiency is very important.

I favor Keynsian economics to spend more and smarter on infrastructure. But not feed the pentagon's insatiable budget. Or corporate food giants with tax breaks. Do it slowly. Cut the pentagon budget 1 percent a year for ten years.

Close unnecessary bases. Reduce our land soldiers, because we've learned that land wars have gone the way of WWI battleships! Nope. We're not going to invade Iran with soldier divisions. We're going to take them out with high tech stuff. And time we try out those tactical nukes we've paid for already.

GERMAN Solar Power Innovations Nationwide

Have you seen how the Germans are using solar power to cut their expenses on expensive, dependent, and enviro-killing fossil fuels? They put solar panels on their HOUSES! Reduces risky nuclear power, cuts back on profitable coal fired electric plants. Ya know the "Clean coal" fraud? And send our tax breaks to HOMEOWNERS for investing in solar!

Did you see how oil-bribed Republican media made a big deal of Solyndra's failure? One of our first attempts to making solar power work.  

Imagine if they'd trashed NASA for all those early crash-and-burns in the early pre-moonlanding days? Learning curve is expensive. The Germans beat it with chemicals, jets, and now energy...why can't we? Are they better than us?

We do need to reject big oil's bribes in America for they're just looking out for their own energy monopoly... which is costing us a lot of LIVES in the mideast. And reducing dirty coal and natural gas production and distribution. And paying them with tax breaks to cause wars and pollute the atmosphere.

Did you see that big satellite flair in North Dakota where our people are burning off, wasting natural gas to extract oil?

We Americans and our parochial news media, don't pay attention to see what other innovative nations do. We can be so arrogant over here! And so paid for by our sponsors. Why isn't the MSM in the US talking about these things? Why do we have to get on the internet and watch BRITISH press talking about these things??    Put THESE guys (and others) on your list of stuff to watch.

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