Jan 18, 2013

Christianity and the Constitution. And guess what? Karl Rove's back on Faux!


Jesus rides dinosaur

Over 300 U.S. Schools Are Teaching Creationism Funded by American Taxpayers

 (from Icarus)

Over the past several years – the Republican party’s solution to America’s education woes can be summed up as school vouchers.  Republicans like to call it “school choice” but it really is just a voucher program.  They like to point to this visual of a poor black student stuck in a troubled public school who would be able to successfully take their voucher to any school to get the best education America can provide.  Except – that’s really a rare scenario.  The Republican solution for schools is smart for them politically because it weakens union workers and thus donations to Democrats, promotes religious teachings and provides a tax cut to wealthy families paying for private school.

In 2011 – the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision that school voucher tax credits in Arizona were legal (source).  This was a highly controversial ruling with a majority of conservatives voting for this Republican wet dream.  It’s my contention that using American tax dollars for schools that teach religion is a violation of the division between church and state; under no circumstances should American taxpayers be paying for schools that teach any religion.  That’s my opinion but the Supreme Court ruled differently.

Read the rest of his documented and footnoted essay in Class Warfare Exists.


For us being a Christian nation, how come we don't cast out the moneychangers from the temple?


DC's reigning pundits.

SURPRISE! Karl Rove Signed Up For 4 More Years Of ‘Expert’ Analysis On Fox

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Karl Rove emerges unscathed from the rubble of his election day melt-down and many scandals as one of DC's reining pundits.

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