Karl RoveNew York Magazine's  Gabriel Sherman reports that Fox News is scaling back airtime for Republican pundit Karl Rove, in what appears to be a reprimand for Rove's meltdown during the network's live election broadcast. 

Sources told Sherman that Fox News chief Roger Ailes has ordered his staff to bench Rove and his fellow GOP pundit Dick Morris, two of the network's most vocal partisan voices whose predictions turned out to be spectacularly wrong. According to Sherman, producers must now get permission before booking Rove or Morris on Fox shows.

The move comes as Fox takes steps to rehab its image in the wake of Republican defeats this November. Rove, in particular, has been widely mocked by members of both parties, both for his onscreen tantrum and for the abysmal performance of his American Crossroads super PAC. 
According to some reports, Rove's meltdown angered Ailes, who had explicitly warned his staff to hold it together on Election Night. 

Now here's why Rove could be the first casualty in the Republican Civil War 




Speaker of the House John Boehner has publicly stated that he is in favor of raising taxes on the rich, and is now politically positioning himself and his party to save face while a deal is struck with President Barack Obama to avoid sending America's economy over the 'fiscal cliff.'



New Face for the Conservatives:  Senator Jim DeMint leaving the senate
Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), a leading conservative voice in the Senate and Tea Party darling , will resign his seat in January to become the next president of the conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation, a sudden move with far-reaching implications.

DeMint elaborated on his decision in an interview with conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh on Thursday afternoon, underscoring a desire to use his new platform to improve the way conservatives communicate their ideas, an area where he feels they have fallen short.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews said this morning that many Republicans are glad he's leaving the Senate because some of his controversial statements have damaged the party.   Tea Party commenters this morning are lamenting his departure from the Senate for this new job, even though it's a high profile conservative think tank he will be leading. 


And you did hear this one? 

Former Republican House Leader Dick Armey suddenly resigns from Tea Party group Freedom Works... an effort funded by the Koch Brothers.   An entity that had a lot to do with getting the Tea Party organized and effective in 2010 politics.    Read this exclusive story from Mother Jones....



Kansas Tea Party Rep thrown off Budget Committee by Boehner

Speaker of the House John Boehner seems to have finally decided he needs to get something done on behalf of the country–or at least on behalf of his own reputation. He and the GOP leadership booted two of the party’s most conservative members off of the House Budget Committee.

Tim Huelskamp of Kansas and Justin Amash of Michigan, voted into office by Tea-Partiers in 2010, are among those who most often oppose Boehner when it comes to a vote. They both voted against last spring’s Ryan budget because it wasn’t drastic enough. Both also voted against raising the federal debt limit, and both oppose any tax increases.

 Boehner is now in the process of offering compromises to Democrats and the White House to avoid going over the so-called “fiscal cliff”–by way of tax hikes and automatic spending cuts–at the end of the year. With Huelskamp and Amash on the Budget Committee, compromise looked out of reach.


The Unhappy GOP Obstructionists

 Jeez.  Look at the faces those Republicans chose to show for this picture.  And where they stand... trying to look invisible for the sins they know so well.

Yet, you can almost hear the string quartet on deck playing "Nearer My God to Thee?" as these politicians know they're in deep trouble and may not survive what they've said and done, politically, for their rich friends!