Dec 11, 2012

Tea Partier Sites trying SO HARD to stay relevant.

If you political types want to see how the losing side is handling this, turn to your Facebook and "LIKE" The Fox Nation" and "The Tea Party."

They seem to deny the election results, while hoping to keep their RELEVANCY even as the traditional Republican party wants to purge the Tea Party from their ranks.

The REPUBLICAN PARTY is in big trouble.   They've needed evangelicals and so the GOP pressed pro life and anti-gay and anti-Mexican feelings....even as the public rejected all that stuff.     They NEEDED those fundamentalists to win and they didn't get them.   Obama's message rang true.   Be loyal to the MIDDLE CLASS.     That was more truth than the lies offered up by the right and their rich commercials.

The True Believers of the right were caught completly flat footed!  that's because they spent far too much time with the propagada machine whose flagship is Fox News!    They have no one else but themselves to blame.   It's not FOX NEWS' fault...they are who they are.   Its the racist Republcians fault who only look to people to agree with their twisted ideas!    And their STUPIDITY... as people who shill for the WEALTHY even tho they are not themselves, wealthy.    Low IQ voters!

They know there are fewer whites to vote against the growing Mexicans coming into the US and even becoming citizens.  This is an uphill battle for white bigots who are dying off and more outnumbered.  Probably marks the real END for the GOP, the party of white Europeans which really have no attraction for anybody BESIDES aging white people.   The CORE GROUP of white racists isn't really making room for others.   That's pretty self-defeating, maybe.

NO reason for anyone to lament that loss, if that's all they stand for!  It will indeed be the death of those that feel this way.   Are they really REPUBLICANS, or just TEA Partiers who were talked on the internet into hijacking the Republican Party, but they failed?  

So who is committing suicide?    The Republican party, or the Tea Partiers who hoped to hijacking them?   Will the Tea Partiers take down the GOP or will they just go away?

Frankly, I think the Tea Partiers, paid for by the libertarian Koch Brothers, are on the losing end of this effort.    Maybe those awl bidness rich guys should quit screwing around with US politics and quit messing with our country!!   I think the Koch Brothers screwed up, strategically.

Will they stick with their mistaken ways that will destroy the GOP,  or back off to save the conservative Republican party?


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