Nov 8, 2012

VIDEO: Republicans will HATE this Rachel Maddow shelacking to face the truth. This new TV talent explains the whole election very well, if you dare to watch it!

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The question now, as it was 4 years ago when Obama won, is WILL THE REPUBLICANS try to ignore the results and cripple that victory to keep GOVERNMENT in the REPUBLICAN VISION of low, no government?

Does the ever-uncooperative Republican Senator Mitch McConnell try to keep voting NO by legislative tricks?     Will House Speaker John Boehner try to do the same with his UNANIMOUSLY VOTING Republican majority to obstruct our president's program??   

Or now that they didn't defeat Obama's first term, will they get serious and work to fix the deficit, fix problems in the country, create more jobs when government CAN DO SO.... or remain loyal to their losing political party?

HOpe you watched the shows some realities FOX and the right hid from you!


And the Fox pundits, so wrong, so dishonest,  continue trying to spin themselves out of trouble with their viewers.

To all the Republicans complaining that they don't want their taxes paying for anything to help out those who've lost their homes, jobs, etc here in America. Democrats never wanted to spend trillions bombing third world countries for 10+ years over WMD's that never existed, where was your faux outrage then? Get your priorities straight, this is why you had your asses handed to you the other day.

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