Nov 1, 2012

The east coast got caught with their pants down!

That's pretty much IT.    So much for all those hundred thousand dollar disaster planning experts working at all levels of city, state, and federal government!    They had warning but they didn't move their assets (or their asses) to high enough ground.   Management failure!


The problem with us Americans is that we have so few disasters and they are so easily mitigated by our wealth, that we just don't realize what so many Earth inhabitants suffer.  

They are HORRIBLY DISRUPTIVE.    You think this hurricane was bad?   Yes it was.   As are those in the Gulf.

Wait til California has an earthquake like those they have on the other side of the world  Like Japan with its nuke plants!   Or the other quakes like in Chile, Indonesia, Iran.   Killing thousands.     We won't know whether to shit or go blind!

Hopefully our government is preparing for disasters most certainly overdue on this continent!   

  • California quakes, tsunamis, nuclear disaster
  • Central US earthquakes at New Madris faultline.  
  • Rising ocean levels.
  • More Southern coast hurricanes like Katrina
  • Terrorist attacks with mass casualties in cities 
Better that they did in pre-positioning food and assets for Sandy!   If NOT, then they're not earning their pay!

The trouble with Americans is that we haven't been hit enough times, so we scoff at disaster preparation!   Yup.  Most of us have no respect for Mother Nature.   Gulf Coasters do.  But at least a few more do now on the east coast.  Wonder if west coast's faultline is nextOr the midwest's Missouri/ Tennessee?  Or a Chicago attack?

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