Nov 8, 2012

House gives up: "Obamacare the Law of the Land"; Bonus for those who wait.

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) suggested Thursday that he will no longer push to repeal healthcare reform, calling it "the law of the land."

Republicans' defeat in the presidential race and their failure to claim the Senate all but ensures the future of President Obama's signature law.

The current House has voted more than 30 times to repeal, dismantle or defund the Affordable Care Act to no avail, given Democrats' control of the Senate.

Speaking with ABC, Boehner indicated that another push for full repeal was not in the House's future.

"The election changes that," he said. "ObamaCare is the law of the land."

Obama's win comes as implementation of the Affordable Care Act ramps up.

Summary of Obamacare for quick review....

From Mike Mahoney's blog:
(AP) – Gov. Jay Nixon acknowledged Thursday that Missouri will not be able to set up an online marketplace for residents to shop for health insurance as envisioned under President Barack Obama’s health care. That means federal officials will take over the task – at least for the near future.

Under the federal health care law, states face a Nov. 16 deadline to submit blueprints to the federal government if they want to run their own health insurance exchanges when the online shopping sites are due to open in 2014. If states don’t set up their own sites, the federal government will run one for them.

Nixon said he would prefer Missouri run its own insurance exchange. But that’s not possible, at least not at this point. Voters on Tuesday passed a ballot measure barring the governor from taking steps to establish a state-run insurance exchange without legislative approval. The Legislature has not granted its approval. And it’s not scheduled to be in session until January, meaning lawmakers could not meet the Nov. 16 deadline even if they wanted to do so.


This isn't about Liberals and Conservatives.... this is about two hands on the shovel to dig ourselves out of this.   If all you want is to focus on victory NEXT TIME, you've not learned the lesson of the last two presidential elections.  If your Congresspeople don't wake up, Republicans, theyll be gone in 2014 when we dont' have a presidential race to distract the voters.

CNN Summary of the Fiscal Cliff Congress faces and must fix to prevent more Recession....

Florida count is in....goes to Obama.  
 Tea party turncoat Allen West is confirmed trounced by 2400 votes!

Obama tears up thanking his Chicago staff

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