Nov 10, 2012

Do you plan to cheat your state for your parents' nursing home MEDICAID care?

How many families want to shield their PARENTS SAVED UP ASSETS for THEMSELVES so the STATE will pick up their parents NURSING HOME (MEDICAID) costs... effectively SCREWING taxpayers to pay for care that the elderly COULD have paid out of their own saved up money?  

All so the kids can pocket their parents' ASSETS BEFOREHAND, and stick the state with their nursing care after they have no assets left?

That's called FAMILY GREED, not for millions but for smaller money.   Yes, MIDDLE CLASS  people can be government cheaters too!!   

Moral people would suggest parental savings are for THEM and THEIR care, not for the children's inheritances!   Who's money WAS it, anyway?  

Were you were counting on your parents kicking the bucket WITHOUT going to the nursing home at $5000 a month?   You were really hoping for that inheritance, weren't you?

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