Nov 23, 2012

Weekend: After all this time...where are the jobs?

Holiday Depression... We're exhausted and feeling failure.

I know that many women who want to be perfect, who want everything to be perfect, have a hard time during the holidays dealing with unplanned events. Family. Not enough time to make things right.

Thats one reason why I'm not so happy with the holidays... because women feel so much pressure to make everything like some artistic Norman Rockwell painting from the 1940s!

We have that problem at our house too. And my parents house too. As do so many. Too much pressure to make holidays perfect. Too much image crap on TV to make holidays some storybook scene on some commercial to sell us yet more stuff!

And raise our expectations ON OURSELVES! to pleasure our own family members to be perfect. And none of us are perfect!

Personally, I respect people who make their homes warm but not like out of some photo-correct magazine. A comfortable house where I visit and I can relax and watch the HOSTESS relax too, and not try for perfection.

Not too many toys for the kids. They don't really remember most of them longer than about five minutes at fifty bucks apiece! Mostly lots of hugging and smiles. And watching them play and not perform! Put down the camera and enjoy the unexpected moments you'll never forget unless you don't see them because you're fiddling with the digital camera you don't use all that often.

Forget today's high tech toys. No one will remember them and most of them will just isolate them from their families. Best to not spoil them with solitary technology. Teach them more traditional feelings about family, young and old, if you haven't ruined them already!

This is MY conclusion after making ALL of these mistakes, personally! Grin. We need to take back the holidays from the corporate retailers selling us Chinese stuff for profit!


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