Nov 10, 2012

A Map of Racist Tweets About President Obama's Re-election (Mississippi & Alabama Lead the Pack)

Enterprising social media number crunchers took a look at the racist responses after the election.
The website Floating Sheep has produced a fascinating rundown on the racist tweets after election day:
During the day after the 2012 presidential election we took note of  a spike in hate speech on Twitter referring to President Obama's re-election, as chronicled by Jezebel  (thanks to Chris Van Dyke for bringing this our attention). It is a useful reminder that technology reflects the society in which it is based, both the good and the bad.  Information space is not divorced from everyday life and racism extends into the geoweb and helps shapes its contours; and in turn, data from the geoweb can be used to reflect the geographies of racist practice back onto the places from which they emerged. ... [W]e wanted to see how this type of hate speech overlaid on physical space.  

Is the Cult of Karl Rove Over?

The GOP’s master of spin might have spun his last web with an election-night rant on Fox News. Now, even Rove’s allies say it’s time he called it quits, reports David Freedlander.

“The donor community is not just annoyed, they are really really pissed off,” said one Romney aide with close ties to the Republican Party’s big-money people in New York. Most of the money Rove pried from these donors, this strategist said, went so that Crossroads could produce television ads slamming Barack Obama, instead of into the kind of get-out-the-vote effort that the Democrats focused on.     More from Daily Beast....



Mitch McConnell should resign as leader

On December 7, 2010 Mitch McConnell said “Our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny President Obama a second term.” Yet with the deck stacked in his favor, Mitch McConnell failed to put together a winning hand.

This seems to have been a massive miscalculation by McConnell, given that the majority of Americans put jobs as their top priority over the past two years. To accomplish his goal Mitch McConnell obstructed the president’s jobs bill, blocked a veterans jobs bill, and forced the country to accept reductions in government jobs totaling almost 700,000 jobs. And he did all of this so he could pin the tail on the donkey for all of the medicore recovery data.    More from Detroit News....


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