Nov 6, 2012

CNN PROJECTS OBAMA REELECTION! And some Counseling for Tea Partiers.

CNN Projects ohio and OBAMA REELECTION

For starters, McCaskill Wins in Missouruh.  That's a good thing.     Romney wins missouri.

Noticing Fox news is in kind of a funk tonight as of 9:45pm.   Some disappointing senate races for them, like McCaskill and Elizabeth Warren.    Sadly, Republicans keep the US House, but that was predictable.    Dems will keep the Senate.

As to the presidency, well the key states of Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, and Florida  with Obama leading.  
Moore (R) will win his House seat again in MO.    Gov Nixon (D) reelected in MO. , Kinder  beats Montee for Lt Gov.     Kander (D) win Sec of State.   Koster wins AG.    Moore reelected to Congress (R) Beats Yarber for US House..... Cleaver and Hartzler win reelection.

Amendment 3  NO   Politicize Judge Selection 
Prop A YES     Stl Police back to local control
Prop B  NO     Raise Tobacco tax
Prop E  YES.    Prohibit health exchange

Note to the Tea Party.....
Pretty quiet room in here. Understand. Now it's time to reflect on how your excitement was misled....why were you surprised Romney lost. Why were YOU surprised?  Just like 4 years ago.    Why did America choose Obama....what didn't you know that they did?

Why did Fox mislead you since they'd filled you with so much confidence until tonight?

It's time for some quiet reflection
. And to watch somebody BESIDES FOX so you won't be misled again. Now time get yourself rid of your divisiveness, your hatred....and rejoin America. We want you back.

Leave AT THE DOOR,  your hatreds about the black guy and the evil libs that will take care of you in your old age.  You will survive Obama, just as most of us survived Bush.   Thanks.

Colorado legalizes and regulates Marijuana.  First state to do so.  Wow!

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