Oct 6, 2012

CARTOON VIDEO: Why this is the Most Important Presidential Election of Our Lifetime? 3 1/2 mins, plus Romney Flipflop Video Collection, plus Why is Sunday Talk like Jerry Springer?

06 Oct, 2012
“Why Obama Now” is a succinct and easily understandably animated short about the big choice in 2012′s presidential election and why it’s more important than ever to support President Obama by Simpsons and Family Guy animator Lucas Gray.  See it again at www.WhyObamaNow.org

Bonus video... the UNTIMATE FLIPFLOP Romney  COLLECTION.... Point and Counterpoint.   See it to believe it!    Who is the real Mitt Romney?


Why Sunday network talk has turned into such a dog and pony show.... like Jerry Springer for political hacks.

How does James Carville sit there as his wife calls Paul Krugman a liar? When in fact Mitt admitted at the debate that they plan on turning Medicare into a voucher program if you are 55 and under. And Obama, at the debate, made Mitt clarify "VOUCHER." How come Stephenopolus, also sat there silent? 

How come Peggy Noonan as well? What a piece of turd she is to talk like that. That man won a Nobel Prize in Economics...what is she? A stupid republican political strategist. Idiot!

  • Radioman KansaSitty As a fan of television talk, I have a different view. Did you see the end of THIS WEEK, Stephanopoulis was grinning ear to ear...declared it a good discussion? When in fact he chose not to separate the children who engaged in a made-for-TV food fight?

    I think the NETWORK wanted the mud-wrestling, kinda like a Jerry Springer show.   Thats why they brought all these partisan pit bulls and put them around a table to fight it out. That's entertainment!

    It's not in America's best interest. Did you notice when they started talking substance, the ABC host would try to lead them to the horse-race aspects of this election?   It's TV drama even if unimportant to the rest of us who have a serious decision to make in the voting booth!!!

    Like people arguing, interrupting, competing unsuccessfully to make their points. Guests can't jump hosts, because they'd never be invited back....so they dutifully play verbal combat, hoping they CAN manage a few sentences of logic to advance their candidates.

    Network TV, like cable TV discussion is becoming increasingly irrelevant because anchors are weak, won't take control for fear of pissing off their guests as well.   And not wanting to alienating any viewers who've already made up their minds.

    Many anchors know broadcasting principles but aren't well-schooled in current events, political history or even recent candidate statements.    They miss MANY opportunities to hold their guests' feet to the fire because they're anchors, not journalists.  It's a minuet they dance on network TV talk to fill time between commercials, and keep their anchor chairs before they get replaced by fickle managers watching the ratings!  

    Candy Crowley's a perfect example of an anchor who wants to be argumentative because CNN wants her to be more pithy... but she doesn't really know the political territory, like, say MSNBC's Chris Matthews whose been around this stuff for decades and is much more assertive with his guests to the point of rudeness.   Sorry Candy.  You let too many of your guests just do talking points, rather than answer your well intended questions.   JUMP THEM!   Louder, even if your asleep union audio guy isn't helping!   Nail 'em!

    As to the Sunday shows....  
    If they really wanted good talking head, they wouldn't have married but political adversarial Matilin and Carville sitting side by side...but it's good drama and political insiders love it. Noonan? Another egomaniac partisan trying to sound like an expert. Better news for viewers would be to dispense with the party hacks and just bring on serious analysts and officials. And do what Ted Koppel used to do when someone evaded a direct question and resorted to unrelated talking points. Ask the question one more time, and if the guest evades again, simply say stoicly as Koppel could do even with Iranian officials, "Well it's clear you aren't going to answer my question, so let's move on." Everyone learns from such a host summation. Guests and viewers.

    But it's become less newsy like Nightline under Koppel, and more just filler time to feed the beast with newsy entertainment.

    Meet the Press is similar but THEY like to drag out old quotes and play "Gotcha" with guests, so viewers can enjoy them squirming.  That's Entertainment! too.

     The circus that the networks have decided they want to put on for our entertainment.  Including the debates for the last fifty years.
    Today's ABC guest, Nobel Prizewinning economist Paul Krugman had it right in calling them on these shenanigans, saying the media isn't so good at TRUTH-CHECKING.... they just let people make their statements, whether truthful or not.   He's an economist and really has no dog in this hunt.

    The other partisan talking-point guests eager for face-time either ignored him, or turned on him. They have their turf to protect as often-invited talk show guests. It's how they make their livings.


    The Presidential debates, for the last 50 years are no different.   It's their time as gladiators in the arena! 
      An American tradition that upsets all the careful planning party strategists have done...for it introduces the candidate who stands naked on his own, without his handlers and speechwriters.
    We kinda hoped Obama would do that with flip-floppy Romney during the first debate....because we wanted to see some blood-- as we've seen in past live TV coliseum debates.   But that's not Obama's one-on-one style. He's to polite to be confrontational....he isn't Bill O'reilly and he knows it. He thinks before he responds...unlike most talk show guests.   The media declared him the loser because he didn't fight.  But if you watched his body language, you could see by his expressions, he saw the lies but didn't argue.   Was he hanging Romney out to dry?   Who knows but Obama.

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