Oct 10, 2012

Biden Ryan VEEP Debate Tonight...and more stuff

WASHINGTON -- A small sense of relief emanates from the Obama campaign with the approach of Thursday night's vice presidential debate.

The lackluster performance of President Barack Obama last week in Denver, which he himself confirmed Wednesday in an ABC interview, remains a concern among his supporters.

But the soul-gripping panic that dominated the first days after the debate has subsided slightly, replaced by a more sober assessment. The race was bound to be close. And while polls have tightened in some critical swing states, it remains the president's race to lose. On Wednesday evening, the National Journal reported that the Obama campaign's internal polls had Romney narrowing Obama's advantage in those states to within the margin of error.

"It's not going to be easy," said one Obama aide. "But it never was going to be."

In response, Obama's campaign is pursuing smaller, tactical changes rather than major revisions. The fruits of those alterations will be seen in Danville, Ky. at 9 p.m. when Vice President Joe Biden takes the stage.    From the Huffington Post....


Never let the facts get in the way of a good attack.   Right Mitt?

Mitt Romney sold himself as the BFF of coal Friday afternoon in order to appeal to Appalachian voters in Abingdon, Virginia, as well as talking down job numbers under Obama. But Mitt Romney is no BFF to coal and jobs in coal are at a 15 year high, while national unemployment hit the lowest level since 2009 today.
Not only did Romney use unpaid coal workers who lost pay due to his rally in a campaign ad, but as Governor, Romney said a Massachusetts coal-fired plant “kills people” and touted his power plant regulations there as the “toughest in the nation.” He also denied a coal plant an extension to comply with regulations.

Now, Romney says Obama is crushing coal, when in fact coal jobs are at a 15 year high. Video and more from Politicusa


Fox has decided the Election for Romney.   No reason for Republicans to bother to vote on November 7th.



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