Oct 31, 2012

Let Grandma die? Take care of our OLDEST or educate our YOUNGEST? Let's decide.

  • Radioman:  This is not about EMERGENCY SERVICES to rescue and save ordinary people.   This is about the ELDERLY.

    I don't think voucherizing Medicare will cost a lot of jobs necessarily and if it does, maybe it SHOULD!    Let's face it, most of us don't want to take care of our parents when they linger longer than we humans SHOULD!.... it only means that the elderly won't get a blank check to stay alive forever, in and out of their nursing homes.

    They'll just meet the undertaker sooner and save Social Security a lot of money and let their children go back to raising their OWN children. 

    The real ethical dilemma is whether to spend our tax dollars keeping woozy grandma alive for another few months or putting all her grandchildren through college with those same dollars!

    Having seen 4 elderly up close and personal outlive their welcome on this planet and sucking more medical money than they ever put into it, I have mixed emotions about it. Moreover, just because the doctors CAN keep people alive and crippled forever, doesn't mean they SHOULD.

    That is also true of babies so prematurely born and heart defected or mentally retarded, they must be kept alive by machines and cared for all their lives. Maybe modern medicine is getting AHEAD of God, if you believe in God and "His" will.  Ya know, cute but gorked babies grow in their beds and end up being not-so-cute gorked adults in their beds. 
        Many parents can't bring themselves to let them die, but don't want to pay for that.    And don't want to stay home and take care of them, THEMSELVES!     What should we do???? 

    The Churches seem to want to keep them alive at all costs, but aren't willing to pass the plate to do so; they'd rather build a new wing onto their church complex. 
    Remember Terri Shaivo, a young pretty girl but in a lifelong coma after an accident, kept alive by the Florida medicaid program paid by taxpayers? Was keeping her 'alive' really the right and moral thing to do?

    Lesson learned...make your parents, and even yourselves, sign "ADVANCED DIRECTIVES". Sign "DNR" (Do not rescusciate) orders for your parents in their 80s whose quality of life is extremely poor. Don't let doctors put you or yours on a respirator if there's no hope for coming back to normal.

    I wonder if financial "vouchers" to cap what the government is willing to pay for your care is the only way we can get society to admit ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We've been putting off this ethical discussion for a very long time!

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