Oct 22, 2012

TONIGHTS DEBATE: Bengazi was NOT a terror attack!! And if You Search 'Mitt Romney': Records not Found.

About tonight's debate.

There'll be those, like the Republicans but maybe even the MODERATOR, who will want to talk about Bengazi YET AGAIN...and WHEN the President called it a 'terrorist act.'     This is current events NONSENSE....even though we regret the loss of four US lives.    WHO said WHAT, WHEN is not really important!   What IS important IN THIS DEBATE is WHY, WHO attacked us,  and what we should DO ABOUT IT SOON, and in the FUTURE!!

The issues are whether we are at WAR with MILITANT ISLAMICS, or at war just on elusive "TERRORISTS". 

"Terrorism" is a George Bush word.  It's only a tactic of war.  Other tactics include airstrikes.  Or poison gas attacks.  Or shooting down planes or torpedoing ships.   Or bombing embassies or NY office buildings.   Those are TACTICS.   Individual attacks.  Isolated events.    Now then.  Ones designed only to scare people are called "terror attacks"  Small attacks on civilians where they live, shop, go to school, etc.   Designed only to give civilians FEAR.     Terrorism isn't about attacks on soldiers or ships,  or even bombing cities like London during WWII.   That's altogether different.

  WE ARE AT WAR.... with militant Islam.   A war without borders.   We need to change the DEFINITIONS bedcause our enemies are hiding  behind our definitions.... Again, terrorism is ONLY one tactic of war used by people who don't have a standing army and are trying to intimidate people!   Militant arabs use a wide variety of tactics against us.    The attack in Bengazi was NOT a terror attack at all.   It was an attack on our outpost.  Not to scare.  But to kill.

But it's still war.
    Hopefully, they'll get to that, in this debate.  and that needs a policy that presidents and countries should establish.    Shall we mow down protestors outside our embassies with C-130 gunships, filling the streets out front with hundreds of dead protestors shot from an airplane?     

How will the world react to mass protestors killings from the air?   Or "Occupy protestors" in the US?   Or anywhere.   How's bombing civilians working for the Syrian government?

If a few US lives are lost, even in a deliberate Alquada attack,  shall we go to war with a country like Libya...or any others where this happens?    Or mow down protestors in a foreign country with which we have not declared war?

ECONOMIC WAR.  Will they debate ECONOMIC foreign relations, like unfair trade practices with CHINA that are costing us BILLIONS on lost jobs!   Which is usually more costly that most of these nickel-dime wars we get into!

All we really know about this guy is that Massachusetts where he was governor is polling against him.     And the Salt Lake City Tribune, owned by the Mormons in the city where he ran the Olympics has come out for OBAMA, imagine that!     And he never did show his taxes.   Hmm. 

Maybe you should reconsider!

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