Oct 3, 2012

Romney comes across way more liberal, wins the debate; Obama off his game.

I think both Jim Lehrer and President Obama were not on their game tonight.   Romney came across better and much more liberal than he has ever before.

Not that I agree with his talking points or even believe him tonight with all his promises about jobs,  but I think he was more convincing than the president for what he DID say.

Wondering if Romney is the guy the Republicans really want, or was he just talking more middle-of-the-road shit to get elected?   He reinforced my feeling for some time that Mitt Romney is really a closet liberal.    He really gave the President nothing to argue about tonight.

He's not the Mitt Romney I've been listening to for several months.   But he offered no plan for all the jobs he claims he's going to be generating.   He just said he'd create them.   Obama... well he wasn't very convincing and wasn't up for combat.  Romney surely deserves to be challenged for his slippery campaign promises and gaffes like his 47% remark... but Obama just never did try to draw any blood.   It's as if Obama decided he'd stay presidential and not nail Romney for all his flipflopping because it would be somehow, 'unpresidential'.    That's not going to cut it.

CNN's First Report after the debate....

As to the moderator, JIm Lehrer, the television technical directors didn't SWITCH TO HIS FACE as he tried to retake control of timing, and the audio guy kept his volume LOW.....so that candidates could easily dismiss him.   And they did.  

Is he too old to be aggressive and control a debate, or was he screwed by the technical director and audio guy for not letting his voice be loud enough to interrupt them effectively?   He TRIED, but only SOFT volumes.  And no visual help from the camera guys.   The technical people controlling our visuals and audio KILLED the moderator!    BAD TELEVISION! 

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