Oct 8, 2012

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Happy Columbus Day, Europeans!

Here's how some American Indians celebrate Columbus Day
Read more here: http://www.adn.com/2012/10/05/2651333/how-native-americans-commemorate.html#storylink=cpy

  • Radioman KansaSitty Ya know, Catholics are very big on Columbus Day. Probably Spanish descent folks too. I don't know if grade school kids textbooks on history are sanitized and politically correct today. I suppose so. But I know we baby boomers were NEVER introduced in school to the horrors of conquests by Europeans of the North American Continent including Mexico.
    And especially US slavery, because textbook companies want Southern state school districts to buy their textbooks. Boy were we surprised when we saw the 1977 TV series ROOTS years ago following slavery from Africa to the early 20th century (which you can rent, and should if you didn't see it when it aired!)   As a white nation, we had NO CLUE!

    And the 1990 film "Dances With Wolves" which was hardly a story about the "cowboys and indians" that Hollywood put out when my dad and I were kids, and which you can still see on "The Western Channel".

    Dances isn't a political movie, it's a lifestyle movie kids today should see.  Another mandatory movie to rent for your teenagers to see.

    I think many US schools now show the TV series Roots, which is a good thing. Probably not in Southern States though, for they still have their 'point of view' down there about the 'nigras'.   The problem is that media, until recently, mostly wrote movie stories to promote the thinking of the day.   It's changed.

    Even so, schools sanitize history.  To keep it non-offensive to local parental attitudes, even if not very truthful.

    PARENTS are responsible for TEACHING their CHILDREN.  Not gumment schools.  So do your jobs...rent movies from time to time, and at the right ages, you know have a more realistic impression on historic events to teach them the REAL WORLD, not the 'school world'.   Lots of movies will do that.


Is this as much of a Conservative Checklist as it seems to me?


Federal Appeals Court Upholds Decision Restoring Early Voting in Ohio

Saturday, 06 October 2012 10:08 By Ian Millhiser, ThinkProgress | Report 
A unanimous panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit affirmed a lower court’s decision striking down Ohio’s recent law limiting early voting. Although the panel divided on its reasoning, all three judges concluded that the law has serious constitutional deficiencies.

The district court credited statistical studies that estimated approximately 100,000 Ohio voters would choose to vote during the three-day period before Election Day, and that these voters are disproportionately “women, older, and of lower income and education attainment.” 

(H) No wonder governments around the world hire the sickest and most primitive neanderthals around who get excited from brutalizing innocent people to satisfy their repressed fetishes. They're not called pigs for no reason!


  • Republicans are pissed off about the 7.8% unemployment numbers going down while the president is enjoying them. It all happened under his watch, right? So he deserves to be relieved to some extent by those numbers. 
    Republicans wouldn't be whining like they are right now...had they assisted the president. But they chose from day one, that they were going to bring that man down. Yet in spite of it all.......the president prevailed, w/out any help whatsoever from those on the right who attempted to destroy him. That's what you call KARMA!
VIDEO:  Paul Ryan is running for Congress, as all Reps do every 2 years.   He has competition.   Could RYAN LOSE both his VEEP gig and his House Seat.   Here's his competitors commercial and the comments are pretty interesting too.    Check it from MoveOn.org




"Pink Slime" meatmaker suing ABC for $1.2 BILLION!

(NaturalNews) A major producer of the infamous “pink slime” meat product that captured headlines back in the spring is suing ABC News, news anchor Diane Sawyer, and several other individuals for what it claims was “a month-long vicious, concerted disinformation campaign” about “lean finely textured beef.” Beef Products Inc. (BPI) and several of its affiliate companies are seeking a whopping $1.2 billion in damages from ABC News for exposing pink slime to the public, a move the company says “severely damaged” its business.

BPI is claiming that much of the information disseminated by ABC News about pink slime was defamatory, including its very use of the term pink slime, according to Courthouse News Service (CNS). BPI maintains that pink slime is not actually slime, but rather a legitimate form of beef that has been widely used in beef products for several decades without incident, that is until the public recently became aware of its existence.



Facebook interesting photo, obviously from NY... but it gets down to the Nitty Gritty, doesn't it?.

Koch Brothers' Americans for Prosperity held a protest against President Obama and Occupy Wall Street in midtown Manhattan Thursday. Warren Bancroft, co-founder of sister organization Americans for Inequality, informed the crowd and media about AFI and how we're turning the inequality debate on its head. 

"The American Dream can be summed up as the yearning to be better: better than your parents, better than your neighbors, and better than everyone else. Many Americans understand and accept that they deserve less than those who work harder. President Obama and the Occupy mob are trying to divide America. 

By contrast, Americans for Prosperity knows that even if our incomes grow apart--America is still one happy family. The Koch Brothers are my brothers, they are your brothers!"
The event closed with a group chant, "1-2-3, inequality! 1-2-3, inequality!"

Reaction about RACIAL overtones on this Presidential election: 

  • Radioman KansaSitty We all knew this is what it was about....they're just stupid for letting people put up signs validating it on the internet.

  • Jeff K√§lin It's AMERICA guys - Obama himself would defend the right to put a sign that is so blatantly racist and ignorant - think about it, it is better that these idiots are out in the open and exercising their right to Free Speech, than have them dressing in Armani suits and smiling at the camera and LYING - like we've had for ten plus years from the Republicans.
  • I denounce it - sure - but they have their rights in the US. France, England, the Netherlands, all have made hate speech a crime - citing the unbalanced and uncivilizing nature of spewing hatred into the public discourse - here in the US Phelps can put up signs at military funerals saying that 'God Hates Faggots' - in some ways I wish we would adopt similar laws, but then again, the beauty of this country is that we all can say or proclaim or espouse whatever we want to - and be just as dumb and hateful as 'we' want to be. It's terrible but open.

Radioman KansaSitty  Yes, but he wouldn't stand with them.  Like many of us liberals, he/we'd just TOLERATE them, out of respect for the Constitution so many of us served to defend from outsiders.   

Sadly, it's the INSIDERS we have to worry about, apparently because the religious nuts trying to affect our government didn't get the message back in 9th grade CITIZENSHIP CLASS about our Bill of Rights' First Amendment.    Separate of Church and State.    Like the Sarah Palins of the world who didn't get it....this is NOT a Christian nation.   This is a nation of a lot of Christians.  And it would seem, some others....though many don't like that change they see coming.  I understand that.  Those who would bring us Arab Sharia law are as dangerous to our Constitution as those who try to bring us Christian law.

So are you "religious" FIRST and "America" SECOND?    If you chose the first one, you should have FLUNKED CITIZENSHIP CLASS back in high school. 


Okay, this is from 2010...but was posted again this weekend.  Even so, I hadn't seen it and find it funny and interesting....

Jon Stewart points out that Fox News anchors and guests are vilifying Saudi prince and financier Alwaleed bin Talal as a financial backer of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the Muslim-American clergyman who seeks to build a community center in lower Manhattan. 

 The problem: Alwaleed bin Talal is part owner of Fox News. Stewart’s special correspondents debate whether Fox is just pure evil or terminally stupid. I vote for both.

More on this from blogger Juan Cole, including Comedy Central's Jon Stewart video completely hilarious  trashing Fox & Friends....

(Again, this was from 2010...)


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