Oct 23, 2012

Now on War and Peace: MODERATE MITT Flips again. Agreed with Obama. PLUS: Kerry VIDEO Rips Mitt bigtime

I always suspected Mitt was really a closet moderate.   Last night, the Tory threw the Tea Partiers overboard.

I could hardly stay awake because all Mitt did was agree with Obama.   He obviously doesn't want anyone undecided to think he's a war monger.   It wasn't a debate at all.  It was a love fest.   Obama wasn't fooled THIS time by Romney's trick lips...and reminded Mitt what he's been saying for months that suddenly he's not saying now.

Mitt obviously has been listening to John Lennon records, or watching the political focus groups say they're sick of war.

Best response of the night....


Best Post Debate Interview of the night
Foreign Policy Expert, Senator John Kerry says Romney scared him, calls him the Wikipedia candidate.
Read it and Watch the Interview
Or just click below on the video...

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Did you notice that Fox spent all day re-litigating the Bengazi Libya attack on SUNDAY.?.... they apparently didn't get the memo.  Mitt didn't talk about it on the debate.   Which is good, because it was a stupid issue that has nothing to do with making America safer, as Democratic pundits have said for DAYS!

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