Oct 11, 2012

Malarky...because you can't say "Bullsh*t" on live TV! And more funny stuff

Actually, that moment was Biden making fun of Republicans wondering where the recession came from magically, like out of the sky.  (From 8 years of Bush, 2 wars on credit card, drug program on credit card, and a tax cut for the rich on credit card.)

Nobody won big, both men probably pleased their people.   Biden smiled too much but the democrats loved it because Ryan was blowing so much smoke on trickle down economics with his facts and figures, but not direct answers.   It was Biden's way of dressing down boy wonder.
But the blogs and twitter didn't like when Biden overdid it.  VIDEO from Politico...

Obama said he couldn't have been 'prouder'.  That Biden built his case for the middle class. 

On the issue of abortion, Ryan said the Romney adminisration is not in favor of abortion, in part because of their religion.  Biden set the democratic point, saying he would not force his personal pro-life religious views as a Catholic on the women of America.  Ryan, according to the pundits surprised people by how prepared he was on foreign policy.   As in the first debate, there was no question or mention on immigration.

  • ‎"You know what's depressing as hell? When a moderator in a U.S. presidential debate can say, 'let's move to another war....' - Jason Rink

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