Oct 17, 2012

Debate Reaction.... Whose the biggest LIAR among our two Presidential candidates?? Who IS this businessman, Mitt Romney??

Well, she was uncharacteristically aggressive moderating Mitt and the President. The picture tells it all.   She wasn't horrible as I predicted...not at all.

  • Gary DalCorso SHITT ROMNEY was hard to handle wasn't he, CC???? LOL

  • Mike Canning I bet he is going to go after her, you know because how dare a Woman tell HIM what to do.

  • Shannon Styes If only she'd asked him to elaborate on his "5 point plan".

  • Mockingbird Heart Oh shit, she's definitely going in the binder...

  • Janice Henschel At one point during the debate Mitt was asked a Q. When Candy Crowley instructed him to answer the Q he was asked, he said " No, I'm going to discuss....." and he rambled on about something asked previously.

  • Sharon Runkles I agree Shannon. Romney is treating the details of his '5 point plan' like a trade secret!

  • Tammy Shannon What a bully. Romney has binders filled with women. Never answered the question about equal pay for equal work for women which tells me he is against it. How dare women would ask to get equal pay. They do have to go home and make dinner. His words. What a douchebag

  • Christie Marie she was great.

  • Mike Razor Best moderator so far.

CNN's first night, report:

 President Barack Obama outperformed Mitt Romney in their second presidential debate, according to a CNN/ORC poll of people who watched Tuesday night’s debate.

According to the poll, 46% of respondents said Obama won the debate, compared with 39% for Romney. The poll has a sampling error of +/-4.5%.

During the debate, a forceful Obama defended his record and challenged Romney on shifting positions in the 90-minute debate, arguing his Republican rival's policies would favor the wealthy if elected.

Romney repeatedly attacked Obama's record, saying millions of unemployed people and sluggish economic recovery showed the president's policies had failed.

Obama was more animated and engaged than his understated and widely panned performance in their first debate nearly two weeks ago.

A third and final presidential debate focusing on foreign policy will take place October 22 in Florida.


 Basic impressions....do you REALLY want a habitual salesman/liar to run your country and tell you how he's doing ?

Democratic viewpoint first night:  Fired Up! Missouri
Last night's debate in a single photo.

Both SIDES Look at the debate:
Huffington Post's poll on the debate was pretty lopsided....check the pie charts...
Real Clear Politics shows debate pretty lopsided, the other way.  Surprised?

LIKE NO OTHER ELECTION BEFORE.... we must decide if we want to accept any LIAR for president... for if they'll LIE BEFORE the election, they surly will lie AFTER the election!  (Remember the WMD's in Iraq that didn't exist?)

Have you Truthchecked these candidates?    Are you COMFORTABLE with EITHER OF THEM?      Which among them do you trust... even after all the SPINNERS ARE DONE?  

  • Roger Lake Ingrid Koger........
    Do we want a President OR do we want a Boss?

    Willard Mitt Romney will never be presidential; he is a boss only. If he is elected, he will run America as ruthlessly as a boss who always gets his way does. People he’d bring back in
    ...See More
    Radioman Sez:  

He's not even a 'boss'.   He's a predator capitalist whose been in the business of buying sick companies under a phony corporate name, taking his profit cut FIRST, and then taking them bankrupt and liquidating them, with a few bucks for the former owners who screwed them up in the first place.  It's just a corporate liquidation service, and everybody knows it.

Wanna think of another guy like that?   Think of Carl Icon who bought TWA and shut them down.   Or better, think of the movie PRETTY WOMAN.   Richard Gere plays the heartless corporate raider who buys companies and bankrupts them for profit.   

That's Mitt Romney.   And how does that make him qualified to run our country?   I think he's totally unsuited for the job.  Can't believe the Republicans chose him over other possible political leaders!

An NBC political analyst, James Lipton, from the theater industry, finally figured out that Romney's actually a 'boss no one likes to be around and no one is comfortable being around because they don't trust him.'   Is THIS the kind of president we want running our country?   Do we want a President, or a BOSS, a CEO?

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