Sep 23, 2012

VIDEO: Fox News' Most Tricky 3 Words (and it's not "Fair and Balanced") -- plus a video bit from SNL.

Saturday Night Live asks "What is Obama Doing?"


Romney pays more than he owes in taxes, so it looks like his tax rate's higher than it really was. (14% versus 9%) (He'll probably amend his taxes AGAIN, after he loses this race to reduce his tax burden lower back to where it was.)


If this Romney v. Obama stuff was actually a Hollywood movie, no one would believe it...they'd say the 'Romney character' was too much a caricature of the 'evil, rich, white man' and came off 'un-robotic and un-real' and would have said his character did not represent real life whatsoever, blaming the director for bad casting.

THAT is why, when people say they 'haven't decided', I just smack my head in disbelief. You haven't decided between the smart man and the plastic guy? Really?

No soup for you! - vince


This is a good read on Republican Myths:

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