Sep 11, 2012

The Secret to Fixing our Government

Congress sed they would not work with this president....and they didn't.   Well maybe we should send that Republican Congress home and get a new one.   Vote Democrat and we'll get some stuff done!


Blunt NOT WORTHY of Missouri

Senator Roy Blunt · 6,182 like this
Yesterday at 8:53am ·
The numbers speak for themselves: 43 consecutive months with national unemployment above 8 percent. A record $16 trillion in federal debt. More than 23 million Americans still unemployed or underemployed. Today’s jobs numbers, showing job growth has slowed significantly, once again confirm the president's economic policies simply aren't working.
Senator Blunt On August Jobs Numbers: Obama Economy Isn’t Working
Radioman KansaSitty And I bet you voted in lockstep with the Republicans against the jobs bills brought forth by democrats...part of that phony filibustering trick GOP Senators abused.... didn't you Senator Blunt? You should resign. You shouldn't serve in government if you don't believe in its role as a healthy part of American life to keep the playing field level.

What's you're beef? Tax increases for the millionaires and billionaires that support your party? Health care to cover millions of Americans in order to get the profit out of sickness? How much are you worth? How much campaign money did you get out of the awl bidness, aircraft and weapons makers, the pharmaceutical corporations, insurance companies, investment/banking firms, and the other business wealthy and alliances?

And right before Obama's election and the economy nearly crashed, you supported George Bush until it was no longer cool to do so in your party, didn't you?  You don't belong to the Republican party of my father and you are not a stateman.  You're a party hack as so many Republican Senators have become!  

You don't believe in America as Barbara Bush does, who said in disappointment over your behavior, 'compromise isn't a dirty word.'   

But you're like Mitch McConnell, aren't you, ENDS JUSTIFY MEANS to regain Republican power.  An obedient party loyalist.   I'm never been so ashamed of you from our state, and the two party system as this last 4 years since voters elected this Obama guy...who hasn't done so badly for us, given your coordinated tactics to destroy our chosen winner!

You discredit those of us who served or even were wounded and died to preserve Democracy in this country.  Sadly, all power corrupts, doesn't it?  This scares me, and makes me sick of what's happened to my beloved nation.


 WHAT????   Three former Republican state lawmakers announced they are backing Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon in his bid for a second term in office.

Reps. B.J. Marsh of Springfield, Chuck Wooten of Nixa and Maynard Wallace of Thornfield penned a letter backing Nixon over Spence. The former lawmakers said they liked Nixon’s willingness to reach across party lines to solve problems, such as disaster recovery and spending cuts.

“As Republicans, we believe in the principles of fiscal responsibility, limited government and free enterprise,” the letter said. “And as former state lawmakers, we appreciate those unique leaders who can bring Republicans and Democrats together to get things done for the good of our state. That’s why we’re proudly endorsing Gov. Jay Nixon for a second term.”

The lawmakers singled out Nixon’s response to the May 22, 2011, tornado that tore through Joplin as one of their top reasons for their support.

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Thinking outside the box...for a change to HEAL OUR CORRUPT DEMOCRACY!

Bryant Smith Well, radio, the policies you support are going to economically cripple our children under a mountain of debt, so I would think Jeff's idea is better
Radioman KansaSitty:   

First, Government investment in building infrastructure to kickstart employment.  Just like the New Deal.    There are some things that have to be done...the most important of which to create jobs building infrastructure...that will kickstart the economy because those dollars will turn over multiple times in the economy.  Every economist worth his salt says this works.

Second:   Pass tax laws to encourage jobs to come back to the US and penalize those of US corporations who are exporting our jobs overseas.

Third, Reduce DOD's expendatures... there's plenty of waste and they need to cut it out of their expendatures...including a slimdown of standing forces in places like Europe, severe reduction of more expensive contractors.   And close unnecessary military bases in so many states where Congressmen protest just to gain votes!

Fourth, Spend more time working waste, fraud and abuse in health care expenditures and cancel deals with pharma and other companies where Medicare pays closer to list price for drugs available elsewhere for much less.    And set lower prices to equipment and scanner/xray/imaging vendors, take it or leave it for Medicare, Medicaid or any government repayment programs.  And make them prove those images are really medically necessary.

Unpopular, but we're going to have to ration care on the very elderly...the govt simply can't write a blank check for treatments that don't significantly improve the quality of life for people well beyond life expectancy, like in their 80s and 90s.

The same goes for even young citizens unable, because of accident or defect to sustain life... this will be a heartbreaking change in our ethical actions for those with severe birth defects or mental retardation. Moreover, it's fine for churches to be prolife invitero and post natal, and easy for families not paying the bills to say 'save my child at any cost'.

But the government can't sustain that, given the ability to keep the dead breathing indefinatly.

Some people just need to be DNR, and those who are, should be given palliative care only.   No more feeding tubes and long term mechanized breathing. on another hospitalization.   Moreover, we should not prolong dying just because we CAN, like in prolonged unconsciousness. Churches need to butt out of dictating ethics, or pay the bills for their protests from their tithes.   Moreover, they have no business politically/ethically telling government how to spend its Medicare dollars!   Let THEM hold the bake sales to raise money for nursing home care for the gorked out victims!

People should be given the right to terminate pregnancies for those fetuses which clearly won't be able to survive or aren't viable; and to dictate their own deaths in cases of terminal illness. Physicians should be exempt from prosecution in cases where patients make their own decisions about withdrawal of life giving support or medications. Moreover, the state has intruded too far into private lives and decisions.

These are hard ethical decisions...they're actually being practiced in real life and have been for a long time, but not consistently.   And not without a lot of whining from moralists who don't put their money where their mouth is!

Fifth, continue with laws requiring citizens to payroll deduct for Medicare for ALL, rather than having the Feds, states or other insured to pay the freight for those paying nothing for their health care. A deduction based on payroll ability to pay is just fine, just as it is with SS and Medicare.  Gets em started paying their pre-paid health care into the system early.... not just coasting until they get old or pregnant! 


There are many other ideas which need consideration by learned, open minded, unselfish legislators, like maybe these, or others you might think of in comments:

Put Congressmen on Social Security and ordinary Medicare for health care coverage.

Create Term Limits on Congressmen to maybe, 4-5 terms (8-10 years)

Tighten bribery laws to include corporations trying to bribe Congressmen with campaign contriutions to vote favorably for their interests.... or more effectively, require Congressmen to RECUSE THEMSELVES on issues pertaining to those who have contributed to their campaigns.

Require all contributors to all PACS, or other entities contributing to organizations or campaigns who donate over $500 to be published IMMEDIATELY...before elections.   Not tax deductible.   IN a sortable database by company, name, industry, and amount.

Require any PAC which collects contributions from members/donors for political action to state those individuals' names, hometowns, dates, and amounts over $500.   Require all members to state specifically the amount for which they intend to contribute to a particular campaign and post it on the web before spending it.

Force tax exempt organizations to meet a standard set by the IRS for differentiating between political contributions/advertising and legit public interest programs.    This so phony front groups can't just collect money to defeat candidates with commercials while calling themselves issue-oriented organizations. 

Eliminate tax exemptions and payments to industries for decades... make Congress revote on them every year or two for awl bidnesses who don't really need exemptions for exploration, given their big profits today.    Or agribusiness corporations taking cuts that were actually designed to protect family farmers during bad weather years.    Congress should have to REFUND them every year or two.

Raise tax rates on the wealthy...on earnings over $250,000.
  They can afford it, and it will eliminate much of the deficit because they make SOOO MUCH MONEY.

Penalize people who hide their assets overseas, or tax them anyway if they're US citizens.   And if they're not, throw them out or don't let them reside here.   And if they're US corporations, tax them on their overseas earnings. 

And if they're not, tax them even higher if they do business here.
    The point is to eliminate the tax dodges.   And Congressmen trying to protect them should NOT BE ALLOWED to vote on those issues if they receive contributions from them!   That should end the bribery.

Force Churches to pay income tax when they practice political action from the pulpit or within their organizations.

Set limits on ordinary Schedule A tax deductions for business write-offs in order to get rid of scams designed just to reduce tax liabilities through phony 'business activities'.    And certainly increase enforcement and documentation requirements.  

And apply jail time for phony declarations....not just repayment with catch-up penalties.  People need to pay a HUMAN price for tax cheating, not just paying the money back plus minor penalties.    This is the only way for wealthy tax cheats to be stopped!  Give them slammer time, which is far more just than jailing some poor guy who robs a liquor store of $100 bucks!  Moreover, if Romney cheats the IRS, send him to prison!   That'll make him MUCH more careful and honest!

And certainly jail CEO's for breaking federal and state finance laws...they do not deserve exemptions for ripping off their customers or the IRS of big money!   Fines just don't cut it!   Why give big-money white collar criminals breaks you don't give small time crooks who just knock-off liquor stores?

Got other ideas?

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