Sep 13, 2012

Smug, Judgmental Republicans will Pay the Price!

About People who Trash those living on today's Safety Net... from facebook
  • Travis Green I work with a guy who's daddy got him in there years ago, and to this day, (he's got to be in his mid 50's) while thriving, still wants to blame it all on "Welfare Bums". Never had to look for a job, for his dad gave him one, never had to find training, for it was right there. (Opperating Machines) But any one without that , is worthy of spitting on. In my oppinion, that makes him scum.
  • Radioman KansaSitty Yup, a lot of people are having a lot of trouble these days. And those who didn't get good educations when they were young are paying the price today in the form of lowering wages that won't support families. Especially with runaway health care, gas, and food prices going up uncontrollably.

    Boy will the smug ones in their fifties who've been lucky to hold stable jobs be in trouble when they can't pay health expenses that haven't started yet. Especially if they vote for the Republicans as if they're wealthy. The first thing that companies do to employees in their fifties, who are overpaid for their diminishing productivity is to get rid of them! And it's very hard to get hired when you have gray hair and have higher income requirements. My mother told me that thirty years ago in HER fifties...and watching her and my dad struggle to stay working, I learned she was right.


    Are Mideast Arabs Animals?

    I will not post them here, they are too graphic and disturbing, but the "national Turk" has exclusive photos of the "protesters" dragging Stevens body through the crowds. Yeah.... these people clearly are appauled by the violence. We should send them another billion with a box of chocolates and a thank you letter in the hopes that they will be nice.
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    • Steve Johnston Saw a couple of those pictures on a different site. Good thoughts for his family and retribution for his killers.
    • Radioman KansaSitty It really is time for us to come to the conclusion that Arab activists in the mideast are animals.

       Hotheads. Uneducated.  We should have learned that in 79 when the Iranians held our people hostage so long ago.

      I think we don't understand the mideastern arab mentality because so many who came to the US are westernized and are trying to fit in. 

      Their good nature is seducing us about their fellows.  I'm sure the more militant ones make honest arab life in the US difficult because you can't tell the militant ones from the ones who want to be American. Remember how hard the honest Japanese Americans had it after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and we rounded them up and put them in camps based on their heritage.

      Don't be surprised if that happens again. This is a nation, unlike so many, including Arab nations, who let anyone become an American. And are free to move about. Arabs and those of the Eastern Russian block, and China aren't as open minded with their citizens.

      Could be our openness in time of war will be the first freedom to fall with our mixed population, as it did with the Japanese Americans. Expect Homeland Security to take on a much more draconian role in times ahead. We are in the mindset that SAFETY is more important than CITIZEN FREEDOM. 9-11 taught us that very effectively.


     Arabs say... "WAIT.... the radicals are not US."   See 12 pictures of their Apology.


    Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu seems to be pushing Obama to a military fight with Iran, building nuclear weapons.     Still a likely eventuality which has the Israelis scares shitless.  Americans have not usually been interested in PREEMPTIVE ATTACK.  But there's no mistake, if the Iranians attack Israel or close the oil lanes, US subs will launch weapons.

    If Israel strikes first...well that's more up in the air.   Clearly, they want us to join them in a first strike.  And are pressuring our cool president to be railroaded into doing that.  I'm glad he's holding back, to wait and see.

    Republicans might not be so cautious about war, for there's money in it for them from their war industry campaign supporters.     I'm not sure they're on the side of peace-loving humans who just want to live their lives without all this militant drama!

    Given what Romney's said in the last 48 hours, is he the guy you want making military decisions?


    Facebook: On Giving the Israeli Prime Minister the cold shoulder... 
    Obama invites the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House next week, but can't fit Israeli Prime Minister Bebe Netanyahu in for a visit.

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    • Teddy Stubbs call them tugs and punks.

    • Patricia Peters- Burns He sickens me.

    • Radioman KansaSitty Obama needed to teach Netanyahu a lesson, when he gets too big for his britches in trying to force Obama into a war.

      Not time for cheap shots here. Obama is telling Netty and the world that the US can't be counted on to back any Israeli MISBEHAVIOR into WAR.

      This is about life and death by the tens of thousands....and should NOT be a target for political partisan politics in front of an election by Tea Party advocates.

      Tea Partiers need to walk SOFTER, as should Romney, who doesn't understand that this isn't a high school rivalry!

      This is right up there with criticizing Roosevelt for his handling of World War II. Watch your mouths!

      Moreover, Tea Partiers should STFU regarding Israel's desire to attack Iran. Let the big boys handle this...they know more stuff than you do about it.

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