Sep 24, 2012

Poll: Tea Partiers Have Kooties. VIDEO: Obama Feeds Israelis Some Subtle Humility

The Tea Party ranks “dead last” in CBS poll, even less popular than atheists.

When a group of citizens wants to incorporate religion into politics, the result is failure: especially when it pertains to U.S. politics.

In the late seventies until the eighties, we saw the beginning and the end of the Moral Majority, a political action group composed of conservative, fundamentalist Christians. Founded (1979) and led (1979–87) by evangelist Rev. Jerry Falwell, the group played a significant role in the 1980 elections through its strong support of conservative candidates. It lobbied for prayer and the teaching of creationism in public schools, while opposing the Equal Rights Amendment (see: Feminism), homosexual rights, abortion, and the U.S.-Soviet SALT treaties (see: Disarmament, nuclear). The Moral Majority was dissolved in 1989.

Sound familiar?

America was founded by Deists, not Christians as the Tea Party would have you believe. Yet they seem hell bent on forcing their Christian values on Muslims, Jews, atheists, Buddhists and every other group.

The unpopularity of the Tea Party stems from the fact it is a small group of primarily white Christians with deeply conservative values, who are trying to bully Americans and force us into their personal, political and religious ideology.

A census study recently revealed that whites are now a minority in the U.S. As CNN reported back in 2009, more Americans are rejecting religion altogether.

The Tea Party calls for “less government” but they contradict themselves when they look to have government control what women do with their bodies, dictate who and how we are allowed to love and remove science from school curriculums in favor of religious teachings that are shared by a dwindling segment of the population. They take an extreme stance on governance and when met with reason and logic, they absolutely refuse to accept anything other than their own agenda.

Mitt Romney has fallen victim to appeasing them and the result has been a candidate who is not taken seriously by anyone, including the Tea Party.

With a 24-hour news cycle, an array of right-wing websites and social media, their collective voices are louder than ever before. They are like the Moral Majority on steroids. With members such as Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Jan Brewer and VP pick Paul Ryan, they have a strong presence and a very loud voice. While one should never underestimate their power, they do not represent the majority of Americans.

Think about it this way: the Tea Party is like 25 mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus released into a closed room of 100 people wearing shorts and t-shirts. They may be in the minority but they are capable of creating chaos—and they have.

The remedy is quite simple. Vote them out on November 6. We have the collective power. They gained a majority in the House in 2010 because the Bush economy — that took eight years to send us into a depression — wasn’t fixed in just two years under Obama, and impatient voters either stayed home or voted against their own best interests, thinking John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor would be their saviors.
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 Kimberley A. Johnson is the author of The Virgin Diaries and The Spokeswoman for Rock The Slut Vote, an organization standing up and fighting the war on women. Find her on Facebook, Twitter and “like” the Rock The Slut Vote Facebook page


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Obama Throws Israel Under the Bus?  Well, maybe just a polite push!

Obama: Israel “One of Our Closest Allies in the Region”

by White House Dossier blogger  Keith Koffler on September 24, 2012, 8:49 am

In a CBS “60 Minutes” interview that aired Sunday night, President Obama inadvertently suggested an approach to the Middle East that places Israel on a par with its Arab neighbors, calling Israel “one of our closest allies in the region.”

Actually, Israel is by far our closest ally in the region, the one nation in the Middle East that can provide significant and reliable military support in the event of war.

But Obama during his presidency has pursued a more “even-handed” approach with respect to the Arabs than his predecessors, maintaining a rocky relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and moving the starting point for negotiations with the Palestinians back to the pre-1967 borders.

In the interview, Obama also suggested his contempt for Netanyahu, referring to the Israeli prime minster’s pleas for a tougher line against Iran and its nuclear program as part of the “noise” he has to ignore when making national security decisions for the United States.
Below is an excerpt from the 60 Minutes interview in which Obama talks about the Middle East.

RADIOMAN:  Did Obama "inadvertently" chill Israel out, or was it a calculated play?   You GO, Mr. President!

Maybe it got back to Obama how Netanyahu privately thinks Israel has the US wrapped around their fingers.   Tail wagging dog.

I think it was time for Netty to get the message he and his hawks are getting too big for their britches.  Frankly, I was offended when he took his case for war with Iran to the US  Sunday talk shows last month.

Israel would do best trying to get along with their neighbors.  They kinda act over THERE like so many of them act HERE --  just a little too much pushing and shoving and getting all 'anti-defamation leaguish' when they get criticized for pushing the Palistinians around.. 

Obama's critics are surprised that he doesn't BOW to Israel like most US leaders have, afraid of the Jewish voting block.    I personally don't want to see Israel forcing us into a war with Iran.   Polls show even Israeli people are against it.

And today comes Romney, not supporting Obama's cooler US position with Israel just to gain a few Florida votes.  Mitt's way of his league on this one, and being way presumptuous for not having been elected President yet, if ever.  Romney suggested the US needs a 'leader' in the mideast.  Seems thats exactly what Obama's being.

  I support Obama actually saying Israel is "one of our allies in the region" (not the only one).  I HOPE that gives the hawks in Tel Aviv a pause,  before they start a war.    They've taken our support for them entirely too for granted. And they are getting pretty 'noisy.'
Cheapshot: But funny.  If only babies could vote!

Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker said Friday that Mitt Romney needs to be more forceful telling Americans what he would do to improve the economy, create jobs and solve the nation’s budget deficit.   
“In the end, at least in my state, what most voters need to know, more than anything else, is what are you going to do to fix things,” Walker said during an interview with The Dallas Morning News at Cowboys Stadium. “Gov. Romney needs to do more to articulate and address those issues. He needs to be bold and specific on the budget debate.” 
  (Dallas Morning News, 9/21/12)

RadiomanKC:  The problem is, I don't think Mitt Romney's actually decided on any specifics.   So anything he says off the top of his head is as tentative as his past positions on so many things.     Decoded, this means the Tea Partiers and the wealthy GOP benefactors haven't yet GIVEN him any specifics to tell us.   And Mitt is lecturing the President about 'leadership'?

Think piece at the end... just what is it about the Republicans of today that's such a turn-off to most people???

by former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich, Berkley

There are two major theories about why Romney is dropping in the polls. One is Romney is a lousy candidate, unable to connect with people or make his case. 
The second is that Americans are finally beginning to see how radical the GOP has become, and are repudiating it.
Many Republicans hold to the first view, for obvious reasons. If Romney fails to make a comeback this week, I expect even more GOP complaints about Romney's personal failings, as well as the inadequacies of his campaign staff.

But the second explanation strikes me as more compelling. The Republican primaries, and then the Republican convention, have showed America a party far removed from the "compassionate conservatism" the GOP tried to sell in 2000. Instead, we have a party that's been taken over by Tea Partiers, nativists, social Darwinists, homophobes, right-wing evangelicals, and a few rich people whose only interest is to become even wealthier. 

These regressives were there in 2000, to be sure. They lurked in the GOP in the 1990s, when Newt Gingrich took over the House. They were there in the 1980s, too, although Ronald Reagan's sunny disposition gave them cover. In truth, they've been part of the GOP for more than half a century -- but never before have they held so much sway in the party, never before have they called the shots.

Romney's failing isn't that he's a bad candidate. To the contrary, he's giving this GOP exactly what it wants in a candidate -- which is exactly what the rest of America doesn't want.

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