Sep 20, 2012

Millionaire candidate talks to Mexicans while wearing his new spray-on TAN! ... Plus a great Jon Stewart Video!

Don't worry, Mitt... Karl Rove said today on Fox your troubles this week 'will pass'.


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Gallup: One-Third Of Lowest Income Voters Support Romney

Wonder if the Independents and moderate Republicans will realize this guy is not what we want for a president.


Jon Stewart Comedy....Fox News is about to Erupt.... CHAOS on BULLSHIT MOUNTAIN 

In case you missed it, Wednesday night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart delivered what may be the best 10 minutes and 27 seconds you'll see on TV this entire campaign season. Stop what you're doing and watch it now!

(Click here to locate the video in THREE CLICKABLE PARTS....)

Saturday Night Live's spoof of Fox & Friends and Mitt's secret tapes


Trophy Wife/Wanna be First Lady nearly has a Nervous Breakdown!

"Stop it!   This is hard!"  In a full blown meltdown, Ann Romney lashed out the Republican Party and told them that they were lucky to have her husband as their nominee.

In an interview with Radio Iowa, Ann Romney took a blowtorch and burned all the Romney bridges with GOP.

Mrs. Romney explained how “hard” campaigning was for her, “If you love someone, you see them maligned, attacked, all these things that happen in a campaign, you get very defensive.”

Mitt may love her fer sure, but she's not tough.... and she's not helping.  And like he's not Presidential material, she's not exactly First Lady material.  It's okay...she had no idea how hard this was going to be!   

We're actually pretty lucky so many First Ladies since Mrs. Roosevelt have been up to the job of being World-Quality leadership Spouses!
    Jackie Kennedy, a huge hit.  Hillary Clinton, obviously.   Laura Bush, yes!    And Michele Obama, no question.   
Ain't it grand?

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