Sep 26, 2012

FEELING OLD! Longtime 60s and Christmas Music Singer Andy Williams dies in Branson!

Very 1970s. We saw him in the 80s or 90s, and finally in Branson Missouri where he settled and opened a retiring era theater owner.

I was struck, as a boomer visiting his theater once, how short and small he was in stature he was on stage, but he had such a big voice.

Television can always make a small guy look large with camera angles. And they did.

The guy looked half-dead as many years ago as I saw him once in Branson. But what should a guy do if he doesn't want to quit singing yet?   And how should we, his 'fans' as kids, feel about OURSELVES when seeing his act, and we notice the guy looks like he's already been treated by the funeral home?    He does not make us feel very good about ourselves when we realize he (AND WE) are not as we were back in the day!  And even the singers not far behind us go into the ground, already!

Andy Williams had a great voice and his signature '60's schtick was this techno ECHO, but still he was a fine entertainer for his time mostly in the sixties. And his Christmas music will, like Burl Ives' music long after he was dead, live for decades on Christmas radio. He was my parents generation kinda singer, and of course, we had to watch him too. A nice man and a good performer.   A more innocent time.

RIP to our parents' music artists leaving us one-by-one, all right!  We'll follow you soon enough, I think we realize.

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