Sep 14, 2012

Joe Scarborough Nails Romney for What He Is and GOP Fesses UP. And MORE.



Republicans are Republicans FIRST, Americans Second.

Kansas not sure it wanted Barack Obama on the ballot.... a nutcase state board was contemplating to remove him if questions weren't answered.  GOP moron Secretary of State Chris Kobach is on that board.     He's famous for writing laws for backward states like Arizona against illegals.

Forget calling Kansas Brownbackistan. It's turning into Kobachistan
The Manhattan area man who brought the challenge has backed off...says he got a lot of abuse from people about it.

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The Republican Party wasn't always dominated by foreign policy buffoons

It wasn't that long ago the the Republican Party was widely understood to be the home of the smartest foreign policy thinkers in the country.  No more.

Sophie Quinton writing in the Atlantic paints a vivid picture of how far off course the Republican party veered by doing nothing more than looking back to 1980, and a different international crises.

In 1980, while Jimmy Carter was running for re-election, 53 Americans were being held hostage in Tehran.  It was a very dark time for Americans that is hard to describe today, to those who didn't live through it.

Carter was being challenged by George Bush, the Elder, and a right-wing conservative and former governor of California, Ronald Reagan.  Carter was also facing a primary challenge by Ted Kennedy.  Many people believed in 1980, as they did in 1976, that Ronald Reagan was just too conservative to win the White House.

Overview of the wreckage in the Iranian desert
In April, 1980, Carter signed off on Operation Eagle Claw which was an attempt by the U.S. military to rescue the hostages held in Iran.  The plan was incredibly complicated and ended in disaster in the Iranian desert when one of the helicopters colided with one of the support aircraft.  It was humiliating to Americans in a way that those younger than me cannot understand.  I will never forget waking up that morning with my mother siting at the kitchen table telling me the president was about to speak because a secret rescue mission had failed.  8 military personal were killed in the crash, and 5 helicopters were abandoned in the desert and captured by the Iranian government.  Jimmy Carter's presidency ended that day.

Candidate Ronald Reagan, when asked to respond, told reporters, "This is the time for us as a nation and a people to stand united." Reagan would not criticize Carter.

Candidate George H.W. Bush went further: "I unequivocally support the president of the United States -- no ifs, ands or buts -- and it certainly is not a time to try to go one-up politically. He made a difficult, courageous decision."

Now try and think of Mitt Romney without laughing. 

To paraphrase Andrew Sullivan, don't tell me the Republican Party hasn't changed.   It really is astounding to see a political party go from foreign dominance to being internationally mocked buffoons in just one generation.


Eric Cantor Takes Truth Serum Finally!
Admits Spending Cuts Cost Jobs

It’s an article of faith amongst Republicans that government can’t create jobs, and that cutting government spending will lead to job growth. Republicans even pushed the nation to the brink of a debt default in order to secure cuts in federal spending in 2010.
But with the consequences of that debt ceiling deal due to hit in January — at which point the so-called “sequester” will cut into both military and non-defense discretionary spending — House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) is seemingly having a change of heart. On Thursday he tweeted that the sequester would hurt federal spending in key areas, and thus kill jobs:

Earlier this week, Cantor was unable to name a single deal Republicans would be willing to make to prevent the slew of cuts — cuts that Cantor himself voted for. Plus, as the Bipartisan Policy Center reports, the House Republican budget that Cantor supported cuts “more than double the amount” of the sequester. This budget would sink domestic spending to its lowest level in 50 years. Meanwhile it prevents cuts to military spending already endorsed by military leaders.
This chart shows that the House Republican’s budget cuts non-defense spending dramatically. The “BCA+sequester” line is the path of non-defense discretionary spending under both the debt ceiling deal (the Budget Control Act and its sequester), while the light blue line is the Republican budget:

RM: This is actually just a ploy by the Republicans to play a game of guts with the Democrats....and another reason why we should VOTE REPUBLICANS OUT OF CONGRESS...for doing the same OBSTRUCTION they've done for 3 years.  But NOW they admit their tactics are bad for the country.


Good things happen to those who read all the way to the bottom! 

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