Sep 7, 2012

All right....lets Recap the Incredible Repubs and check the Powerful Fallout

Republicans acting like Republicans


GOP leaders had told Biden: "We will not work with this president."
Have you noticed?   Noo Republicans mentioned that their congressional strategy was to DO NOTHING to help Obama recover the economy for the last four years....just so they can blame him at election time.

They sacrificed YOUR jobs so they can take HIS in January!    How patriotic was THAT?


Anti-American Republican Congressional Conspirators trying to overthrow the elected government!  Treasonous!



And thanking the troops for their service in the Bush Wars?

Romney supports the "Military" and their supply contractors, just ignores the troops.

Republican honesty....

Yes you DID, George Bush!  Where are you?



GOP Keynote Speaker, Gov Chris Christie of New Jersey Sets the Convention's tone
   Insatiable appetite for power and ego...


Republicans on Health Care Reform...

Congenital heart defect post-op

Zealous insanity

After claiming for over two years that President Obama's signature legislation, The Affordable Care Act, was everything from a bloated Socialistic government program, to a Communist plot to overthrow the U.S. it was unusual and certainly unexpected to hear Fox News' James Rosen state the following:
In March 2010 after almost a year of fierce debate Mr. Obama signed into law a landmark overhaul of healthcare. With its individual mandate to purchase insurance and trillion dollar price tag The Affordable Care Act will, according to congressional auditors, bring health care coverage to 30 million uninsured Americans and reduce the deficit by $210 billion over a decade.   Read it!


Even some FOX NEWS people grow tired of Romney's lack of specifics.  Check it.

And racism isn't in the Republican party?  Bullshit.
Two attendees at the Republican National Convention were thrown out of the convention center in Tampa on Tuesday after throwing nuts at a black CNN camerawoman and saying, “this is how we feed the animals.”

CNN reported that multiple witnesses saw it happen, and police immediately removed the two people from the premises.  We all get that.


An insight into the character of the billionaire who wants to be your president...


I was bullied terribly in high school. The governor had to write an anti-bullying bill after my personal plea for help to stop it. I tell you this for a reason so stick with me. 
Limbaugh - Fluke
See, I look at Sandra Fluke and I see a pretty girl like me that some bully called a slut in effort to silence her with shame. When I look at Rush I see a bully like mine with a big mouth, mean heart and inability to fake an apology. I remember that in the 2 1/2 years I was bullied, there were many times that any given person could have said something to him and stopped him. Nobody ever did. I never forgot those who turned their heads while I was abused. 
Mitt Romney had a chance to tell Rush he was wrong. He never did. He turned his head while a bully abused a woman for speaking her mind. Rush may be a bully but I warn you now - Mitt's something worse than that. Mitt's the monkey who covers his eyes, his ears, his mouth, and stuffs his pocketbook while evil passes out cash.~ Sarah

Ann Coulter Attacks Sandra Fluke & Bill Clinton and makes racist Obama comment

Ann Coulter Twitter assault on DNCConservative pundit Ann Coulter is at it again, this time tweeting several shocking comments directed at Democratic National Convention speakers Sandra Fluke and President Bill Clinton, even taking time to take a racist shot at President Obama.

Coulter began her assault on Fluke shortly after she delivered a scathing indictment of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s policies tweeting: “Bill Clinton just impregnated Sandra Fluke backstage”.  She went on to tweet “They’re spicing things up with a live abortion on stage!”  in response to a comment from a follower about her speech being a “snooze”.   More on her outrageous remarks....with VIDEO


Lecture to the politicians and the media back east....

Radiomankc:  Actually, maybe many ignored  national website commenters bring some truth to the Washington media and political crowd that they didn't know....about under-employment or unemployment.     The hosts probably don't even READ these comments from mainstream America because they're so arrogantly think they already KNOW what we think.  Yes, how arrogant!

I think the six-figure crowd in the Washington/Virgina area doesn't really quite understand what Americans have been going through as the Republicans and Democrats are fighting over the 2012 White House election.  Yes, without all the bullshit pandering by politicians on network TV.

This is why the Congress and the DC media have such a crappy poll results on TV
.  It's clear, you're all more interested in your OWN interests than our American people's interests.




While you were distracted by the conventions...

Faux Noise...pathologically unfair and unbalanced...
"STUDY: One Year Later, Media Still Providing One-Sided Solyndra Coverage"
--And..."Since January, Fox News has discussed Solyndra 84 times in primetime, despite there being very little news to report. Fox's coverage amounted to more than three times that of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC combined."


Fracking Bubbles up as Methane in Pennsylvania lately.....More from NPR
(This is why we don't want the Keystone Pipeline....our midwest wheatbelt water supply under ground is more important than easy bucks for the energy companies!)


Brutal LAPD arrest caught on video; Department investigating cops seen bodyslamming nurse twice during cell phone traffic stop (VIDEO story)

Michelle Jordan, 34, mouthed off at the officers who pulled her over, her attorneys admit, but say that her behavior didn’t deserve the punishment she says she got. 



 Other Reactions and Fallout...


Jobs report falls short, yet again

By Rep. Sam Graves (R-Mo.  NW MISSOURI REP IN CONGRESS) - 09/07/12 12:13 PM ET
Today, the U.S. Department of Labor reported more disappointing news. The economy created only 96,000 jobs in August, the unemployment rate remains above 8 percent, and more than 350,000 Americans have dropped out of the work force. While some may focus on the jobs that were created last month, this jobs report is nothing but horrendous. I welcome any jobs, but American workers giving up on employment in the weakest recovery since the Great Depression is cause for alarm, not celebration.

The unemployment rate has not fallen below 8 percent for the past 43 months. The labor force participation rate is at the lowest level in 31 years. If the labor force participation rate were at the same level it was before the recession started, the unemployment rate would be 11.6 percent today. And the rate of “underemployment” or “real unemployment,” including the unemployed, those who want work but have stopped searching in this economy, and those who are forced to work part-time because they cannot find full-time employment is actually at 14.7 percent. We're still experiencing a significant jobs crisis, whether President Obama recognizes it or not.

President Obama’s policies of more spending, more debt and more taxes haven’t worked. It’s way past time for a course correction. The country needs responsible leadership, not the president’s boasts over anemic growth and unending pleas for patience. Americans are looking for a sustained and real recovery. This weak report is nowhere near enough, and this has gone on long enough. Any real jobs plan must stop the regulatory madness and avert the fiscal cliff of tax increases on January 1. The health care law is yet another drag on the economy. Small businesses need tax relief and regulatory certainty to grow and hire.

The answer to creating jobs and jumpstarting the sluggish economy shouldn’t be a surprise. Small firms are the biggest job creators. Yet, the vital role small businesses play in economic growth is still overlooked. Together, these small firms consistently create 60 to 70 percent of new jobs, year after year, and employ more than half of the entire U.S. workforce at 27 million different places of business. That means we all have a vested interest in keeping that dynamic job creation going strong.

But unfortunately, small businesses are barely staying afloat. Based on NFIB’s monthly economic survey that will be released on Tuesday, small businesses have experienced no growth over the last few months. We can do better than this.

The House has passed more than 30 jobs bills that sit idle in the Senate, with no leadership from President Obama to move them forward. The House also created a Plan for America’s Job Creators to boost private sector growth, while our counterparts in government sit on their hands. House Republicans can’t do this alone.

If we want to successfully address our nation’s unemployment crisis, we must promote policies that provide confidence to small businesses. If we want to see Americans get back to work and our economy recover fully, we must start with our nation’s best job creators — small businesses — and remove obstacles that prevent growth and job creation.Graves, a Republican from Missouri, is chairman of the House Small Business Committee.

You, like all Republican Senators and Reps, voted in lockstep to NOT TO HELP the president improve jobs for the past 4 years, just so the Republicans can say he FAILED. You need to withdraw, sir! You are not a patriot. 
 You've had your tax cuts for the wealthy for ten years now.  Where are those trickle down jobs?  The money for those jobs is being horded in offshore bank accounts and Wall Street investments!
You care more for your partisan PARTY loyalty than you do citizen jobs in your own district.  You do not represent us in NW Missouri.  You've been bought and paid for by those who've bought and paid for the Republican congressional leadership.   The billionaires.   And corporations who are NOT people.  The Teapublican libertarians.   How can you sleep at night?

Believe in America....but Made in China?
Concerning the Romney/Ryan Campaign buttons supposedly made in China:
Snopes still hasn't posted on the Romney button issue. But Daily Kos reported on it, and then pulled the post:

In doing a bit more research, it appears that Romney/Ryan are using Zazzle as a major source of their buttons. They have a store on that site. Zazzle items are mostly made in California. dmme has in the past purchased items from Zazzle. They make and ship from the US. But some of their apparel items are not made in the US, instead they run their process in the US.

The one thing Pam noticed is the Romney/Ryan campaign buttons do not have a Union Bug logo, whereas most of Obama's buttons do have this image. Also Obama's comparative campaign buttons cost $5 whereas Romney's cost $3. We'll keep you tuned! ~pam".
Daily Kos: Romney campaign buttons claiming Romney believes in America are made in China


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