Sep 15, 2012

Akin and Kobach: Why Do We Let these NUTS Define Us in America?

Mo Rep wannabe Todd Akin's in desperation mode. It would be better if he was in Kansas, because that kind of crap doesn't surprise anyone when they're from Kansas.

But Mizzou should have more class than to support Southern fried morons like this. Course, they did join the SEC.

I don't know why Missou left for the SEC.... most rural Missourians can't afford MU's tuition to gain that Southern identity.

As to Akin... well the guy's an embarrassment to Missouri, just like Kris Kobach is an embarrassment to Kansas.

Why do we let these nutcases get national attention? They make us look like backwoods, religious-nut morons!

How can we bring in new business and high tech jobs when THESE guys dictate our states' image?

Best way to get rid of Akin is for Missourians to Vote for McCaskill, which is good for the nation anyway because she's not a right winger trying to shut the country down.    Kobach?  Well you rural Kansans get what you pay for.  You haven't had much good luck voting for sensible governors, either! 

My dad felt that way.  He wanted his grandson to have a paid college education rather he have yet another needless hospitalization so he could spend one more month or two in a nursing home bed!

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