Aug 11, 2012

Video: First Obama Attack Ad on Paul Ryan! And a lot More!

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Mitt  announced his VEEP Saturday morning in Virginia.  It's Paul Ryan,   Republican House budget guru who has plans to gut the government and most of the safety nets and promised benefits to seniors and sick people.
Mitt Romney's campaign went to extraordinary lengths to protect the secrecy around his choice of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan for vice president, flying him into distant airports ahead of a key meeting with Romney and before his appearance on stage Saturday in Norfolk, Va. The crucial meeting between the two men took place on Aug. 5 at the home of a top Romney aide.

"We talked about the campaign, how we would work together, how the relationship would be, how we would interact and make big decisions," Romney told reporters Saturday.

More than an hour later Ryan accepted the offer to become Romney's running mate.

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Oh, get a hotel room!

VIDEO:  Obama's FIRST ROMNEY-RYAN Attack Ad, nails Ryan for what he is!


MUST SEE TV:   The Real Paul Ryan in action....
 Paul Ryan Cracks Joke As 71 Year-Old Citizen Is Forced To The Ground (VIDEOS--you won't like what you see, the transcripts, and comments you'll read)


View from the Right:  National Review column on how Mitt likes young talent


Paul Ryan's Budget Plan....not so popular in the polls.
 Politico:  Americans Hate It.


Can Ryan back off of his ideas that would scare off Independents and mainstream Republicans?  Watch his lips move to the center for the next 80 days!


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Republicans seem very zealous about defeating this particular president.  
Even more than with Clinton. Obama hasn't even started any wars. He actually ended one the last idiot started. And has brought us from the brink of bankster-uptcy! Maybe even managed a health care law so people with pre-existing conditions can get insurance!    Even took out Osama bin Laden. Fighting to keep Pell Grants for college students.  Equal pay for women.  Wanted to rebuild dangerous bridges and highways to put people back to work with a needed jobs bill--which the Republicans stopped virtually unanimously.   (Guess they'd rather the aging bridges and interstates collapsed!)

Wants tax cuts for the middle class to improve their lives, and increases to comparable tax rates for the millionaires (who seem to have plenty.) Clearly, Obama's on the side of ordinary people.

But yet all this hate? 

Why do you s'pose that is? Are there that many capitalist millionaires around protecting their wealth?  Is the Dark Side that attractive? Or is it just the Dark SKIN that causes all this hatefulness?    
Check this site, YOU decide.


Pity poor MSNBC political commentators, whose network is stuck doing Olympic coverage all day while Fox News is parading out every Republican politician in the country who will answer his phone today, praising Paul Ryan.

Rachel Maddow says Romney's not even TRYING for moderate  voters.  Read her blog and her commenters who weigh in...

Media Matters Ryan political cartoon

-0- Alternet's take on Today's GOP under Mitt

It's official: The Republican Party is now officially a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Koch brothers' political enterprise.

How else to explain Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's pick of Rep. Paul Ryan, Wis., as his running mate. Yes, that Paul Ryan -- chairman of the House Budget Committee and author of the infamous Ryan roadmap budget plan, which promises to turn Medicare into a privatized voucher system, and yank health care from millions of children whose parents happen to be poor. And that's just the beginning.    Read much more analysis from Alternet....


It's official: Mitt Romney has picked Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan—best known as a divisive budget hawk—to be his running mate. 17 Daily Beast writers thoughtfully react.  


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