Aug 10, 2012

Our Democracy is Very Close to being Overthrown

Besides voter ID laws being rushed through many states with Republican Governors and legislatures, now THIS:

Ohio Limits Early Voting Hours In Democratic Counties, Expands In Republican Counties

Ohio has introduced a new tactic in their broader attempts to make it even harder for Democratic voters to get to the polls this year. Early voting stations in Ohio’s heavily Democratic counties will only be open between 8 am and 5 pm, while Republican counties have expanded their hours to allow voting on nights and weekends.
This rule is the latest in a broader attack on voting rights in Ohio, which often comes down to a tiny margin of votes. Ohio Republicans are currently ensconced in a legal battle with the Obama campaign over another new rule that would limit early voting in the three day period before the election exclusively to military families. Mitt Romney falsely claims Obama’s lawsuit is meant to take away voting rights from military families, when in fact he is simply trying to restore voting rights to all Ohio residents. Early voting was introduced to mitigate Ohio’s notoriously chaotic elections, in which thousands of votes are tossed due to clerical errors and bureaucratic confusion.

Starting October 1st, voters in Democrat-leaning urban centers including Cleveland, Columbus, Akron and Toledo will now only be allowed to vote between 8 am and 5 pm on weekdays, when the majority of people are at work. The board of elections in these counties, which are split evenly between Democrats and Republicans, was gridlocked over a Democratic effort to expand hours. The Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted stepped in to deny expanded hours in these counties. But Republican-heavy counties have actually expanded early voting hours on nights and weekends, when most people have time to go to the polls.
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  • Radioman KansaSitty
    Romney is just a rhesus monkey holding down the position. He'll do what he's told and so the big money men of the Republican party will support him, like they did GWB. I'm sure he's not the one they'd have chosen but he does seem obedient enough for the billionaires running the pro-business party. Just like the GOP base. This whole thing is just for the independents who actually think this is about the individual running for the GOP nomination.

    This entire presidential election is just about the moneyed people wrestling the government away from the people. They've already bought the US House. Not many left to buy out the Senate. They already own the Supreme Court, pretty much. Another Republican president, and they'll own it outright. The government already has its national police force in the form of Homeland Security. They're pretty close to HAVING us.

    This is a very critical election for the future of the democracy.
    5 minutes ago · · 1

  • Roger Lake I think your right on point Radioman.......
    We agree on this one.


     Mitt Romney got jobs for Millions of People

    Unfortunately Chinese children can't vote.



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