Aug 18, 2012

Now that we've fully trashed Ryan as a phony and liar, lets turn to Romney's Foreign Policy credentials

In an interview with FOX, GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan defended his lack of foreign policy experience by reminding us all that he voted to invade Iraq: 

Stuff you won't see on FOX NEWS:

Recently disclosed tax returns for the Romney family trust show numerous trades in companies that conduct business in or with Russia, China and Iran.

We will not know the motives behind the GOP Presidential candidate’s hesitance to release his tax records, but if these 2 years worth of returns he finally released are an indication of his business practices, we do understand.

Here is a list of the various companies, banks and investments connecting Romney’s investments to Russia, China and Iran:    

LIST: Romney's financial LOVE TRIANGLE with our ENEMIES. Check it!

Still Not Sure?  Well quit worrying about how bad OBAMA is from his old Chicago days in high school or college.   Or birth certificates.  He's ALREADY the President, you know he has a track record now...hasn't done too bad on the economy, with equal pay, financial regulations on bankers, and bin Laden.

And with ZERO help from the obstructionist Republicans in Congress who voted unanimously against his jobs bills so he would fail, and they could win back the White House this year.  Sho nuff, they're saying "but where are the jobs", when all along they've claimed jobs don't come from government guys like him.   What a scam!    They hope you aren't REALLY paying that much attention, except to their slanted TV commercials!

But What do You Know about the Secretive Romney Who They Want You to Vote For? 
Worry instead about Romney and his secretive OVERSEAS finances.  

Do that by NOT just watching FOX, but rather watch the liberals too.   Unlike Fox and Rush, liberal websites WILL UNCOVER the right's lies, if you can handle the honesty.   And you should if you like to blog so you don't show your naivete as dittohead.

Listen closely when reporters ask him what ROMNEY WOULD DO?    Listen for trick words.

 Is Romney specific or just talk only in very general terms?     Does he avoid the tough question but talk instead about something else he's memorized?   Change his mind from last week?   Play word games?

Romney's been very evasive about what we'll do so far specifically, and I think it's because he really hasn't thought it all out.   "Trust me," he says.   

Can you afford to trust a guy like Romney who hasn't figured out his own convictions with your future?   Who will say anything, even if different from yesterday, to become President? 

 And you'd rather THAT, then the accept the specific agenda, not memorized, but off the cuff HONEST answers for the middle class that you've heard from OBAMA, the black guy, Barack Obama, the ACTUAL PRESIDENT?   

A guy who just leisurely tells you what he believes with no trick words?   Like Obama, and even the often TOO-honest and honestly speaking Vice President Biden?   Too honest to be politically correct!  

A VOTER/READER would have to have some serious prejudices in OBAMA to ignore his own common sense and financial interest to vote for the Republican... the rich guy who you should realize is trying to sell you a pile of dung he thinks you want to hear!!   

Romney makes up stuff day after day but he clearly shills only for rich people.   Romney's a used car salesman who hates to be videotaped for his past words.  And Ryan has been told this week to STFU because he too is a bit light on experience, if not the gift of gab!!!

Keep these things in mind as you watch the political dialogue for the next few months.  And don't just get all your stuff from FOX, if you value your families' financial health!



Tightrope:  Romney on CNN speaking to the VFW about Foreign Affairs  
 Check this CNN VIDEO


Paul Ryan Flaunts His Foreign Policy Bona Fides: "I Voted To Send People To War"

Speaking to Fox News’ Carl Cameron Saturday morning, Republican VP nomineePaul Ryan made the case for why he believes his foreign policy credentials are stronger than President Obama’s, emphasizing that he has been a voting member of Congress longer than the president. Ryan cited his votes in favor of the Iraq War as evidence that he has had more foreign policy experience than Obama.

“I’ve been in Congress for a number of years,” he told Cameron. “That’s more experience thanBarack Obama had when he came into office.”
“I voted to send people to war,” he added.

As a congressman, Ryan voted for the 2002 Iraq Resolution which authorized President George W. Bush to use military force in Iraq. He also voted in favor of the Iraq War troop “surge” in 2007.
More on that particular from Mediaite.


 Stupid Conservative Bloggers

Arguing with uneducated morons on a right leaning Facebook page is difficult.

First they don't like liberals much and consider them trolls, in there just to cause trouble.   HERITICS!

They really don't WANNA know much detail about politics they haven't already read,  and so its probably a waste of time trying to explain alternative viewpoints.   

Here's an example of my reasoning and a failed attempt with those who don't know much but about anything they don't see on Fox and don't really want to look for new answers to old questions.
Lou McKellar · Top Commenter · LT at US Navy Retired
I believe Obama was an ADJUNCT professor. I'd call to question some of his decisions if he's trying to portray himself as a "Constitutional" expert. As to being a lawyer, I believe both he and Michelle have both surrendered their law licenses.
RadiomanKC.   You're still hung up on resume technicalities, a guy looking for minutia.  Confusing the TREES but not looking for the overview of the FOREST.   We're WAY PAST Obama's qualifications.   He IS the president and he has a record of views, actions, speeches, and decisions.   Talking about HIS younger days is a waste of your time, and mine.  Those issues are MOOT.  (look that up!)
The issue at hand is WHO SHALL WE VOTE FOR on NOV 6th.   It's Obama's record as PRESIDENT, versus the WANNABE president, Mitt Romney.    That's the only decision we have to make.

Obama clearly runs on his record.  Romney clearly runs on his agenda and his past NOT as president.   THE CHALLENGER CLAIMS TO BE ABLE TO DO lead the country in a better direction.  That claim is HIS TO PROVE TO VOTERS!

  Given that he wants to keep his past mostly secret (his business activities which he ran on in the Primaries) and the documentation to prove his business activities...well what else do we have to asses but his PROMISES?

I"m admittedly troubled that he announced Paul Ryan, a relative unknown congressman but for his libertarian budget....   Romney doens't really know what to do about Ryan.    His budget gained popularity in the last Congress among unanimous Republicans, but on more analysis, seems somewhat draconian to voters.   Hence Romney says he LOVED it ONE DAY, but on inspection, says well he has his OWN PLAN the NEXT DAY.   And arm-twists his new VEEP to admit as much.  And STFU.

Republican house members, cajolled to vote for the Ryan budget unanimously last year, are now very worried the democrats will kill them in campaign ads for that dumb decision this fall.  About raising taxes on little old ladies and ordinary families so that the rich can get more tax cuts.  For when Ryan released his budget last year, it was quickly passed, before everyone actually understood how ordinary voters might be badly affected THISYEAR.   Sigh.

Another case where Romney's staff decision, while maybe pressured upon him by rich benefactors, leaves his economic strategy in disarray.   Who to support?   The RICH Koch Brothers financiers of the campaign or likely VOTERS who are clearly NOT RICH?   

I bet he doesn't get much sleep at night, given that he wants to win at any cost.  What to do?

Why waste time talking to Internet FB warriors about this?  They never heard of this stuff on Fox...because Fox doesn't ever talk about negative GOP stuff.  

They just look at you blankly....and if they don't delete you as a heretic, a troll, they just resort back to reciting their Fox talking points. 


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