Aug 30, 2012

Paul Ryan: Slick, But Lyin out his Ass!

Radioman KansaSitty Ryan asked if we vote for Obama, "why would the NEXT four years be any different that the LAST four years?"

ANSWER: We're going to take back the HOUSE and reduce the number of Republican SENATORS, so they won't have the power to OBSTRUCT the President in Congress!!! 

 They made no secret that they wanted him to fail his FIRST TERM so he wouldn't get a SECOND. Then they'd throw that in his face. Which they ARE right from Mitch McConnell's and Karl Rove's playbook! But never mentioning all the jobs bills they refused, and other games they played. And rejecting tax breaks to get corporations to bring their overseas jobs back to the USA. And cut oil company subsidies because they surely don't need them!

We need a Congress which wants to BUILD the country, not KEEP IT FROM being built. The party of 'smaller government', the Republicans, are literally starving it in Congress. It's why they call them "The PARTY OF NO".
First Responses to a Ryan speech that stretches the Truth

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Wait a Minute...about the celebrated auto plant closing...and when did it actually fully close, CNN has Fact Checked the FACTCHECKERS...and there's evidence Ryan was partially right, but incomplete and misleading.      Here's CNN's Link from late Thursday....

Yes, a Romney staffer really did say this to ABC!

RNC Ratings Night Two: Networks Lose 17 Million Viewers Compared To Night Two Of 2008 RNC With Sarah Palin



Romney's big speech is last, tonight.   

Clint Eastwood is the surprise mystery guest at the podium earlier this evening.


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