Aug 17, 2012

Democrats' nerves start to show as Ryan fires up conservative voters

The Republican candidate was kept on the back foot for weeks but in choosing Paul Ryan, Romney is looking to his core vote.

After the 2008 Sarah Palin debacle, Mitt Romney was understandably keen to pick a very different kind of vice-presidential running mate. Instead of a relatively inexperienced governor of an outlying state, in Paul Ryan the Republican presidential candidate has gone for a consummate political professional with 14 years of congressional experience under his belt.

But while Ryan is unlikely to have embarrassing, flustered moments in television studios when asked to list the daily newspapers he reads, he is proving every bit as controversial and polarising as his Alaskan predecessor.

The Democrats have dubbed him a "certifiably rightwing ideologue", claiming he is out to destroy America's modest welfare programmes.

The Brits at The Guardian offer a well-rounded look at Ryan who has energized Romney.  It's a worthwhile read.  

Well MAYBE the DEMS aren't all that NERVOUS about RYAN.  radiomankc comments:
17 August 2012 4:49PM

A thoughtful and balanced assessment of Ryan from the British tabloid...although I think your assessment is  wrong... about Democrats freaking out over Ryan, and wanting money to combat him.

I think Democrats want the money because they are being outspent ten to one by wealthy Republican Contributors in all the swing states.   The millionaires, now with their chosen Republican candidates, are pouring money into this campaign because of the economic benefits they hope to enjoy. Democrats are being incredibly outspent.
What still remains is that the GOP candidates have been preaching the dogma but as Ryan says, "haven't run the numbers of the budget yet". They can't answer direct questions about what they'd do, because they really don't know; haven't really talked about it yet.   Playing things by ear.    Which is strange from the GOP Budget guru, although Romney doesn't want Ryan's drastic budget cuts to kill his campaign.    That confusion will keep them on the defensive, especially if they keep making up stuff just to get cheers from their partisan crowds.  Democrats need more money to put that case on TV before the people.

And for US House races....for House Republicans are very worried, because they're all on record as favoring Ryan's plan to starve the government.

I think the only way Ryan will come out sweetly for 2016 is if Obama wins. If Romney does and the economy continues to tank, as it would under an austerity budget, Ryan will go down with the Romney ship.


Mr President...please say something nice about Mitt Romney:

In an interview with KXNO sports radio today, President Obama was asked to say something nice about Mitt Romney, Politico reports. Here's his response:
"He seems to have a great family. And I really think he had a great health care plan when he was in Massachusetts," Obama said. "Seems to be working really well — One of the reasons why we set up the same kind of plan nationally and we're implementing it right now."


Momocrats:  Open letter to Ann Romney on her attitude and learning about living life while poor.  Check it

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