Aug 22, 2012

Beware of powerful people....who want us to MAKE WAR!

Before you click off this page, consider what former President and General Eisenhouer warned us about, after World War II. 

The Military Industrial Complex and its bribed Congressmen wrap themselves in the flag, keep you cheerleading for keeping our trained killers in the field, killing, and keep you wound up supporting their efforts.   
   Only now, do we realize GWB hoodwinked us for 7 years in Iraq, just as LBJ did in Vietnam.    Millions dead, thousands of Americans dead and wounded.    

And we withdrew, after years of failure because we were NEVER in danger and foreign people just don't like to be invaded by people like us!
  What DO we say to those dead soldiers' parents and sons, who at one time were so proud of their service?

"Support the Troops" means we thank them for their unselfish service.    It isn't at all the same as "Supporting foreign wars because it's good for govt contract jobs, and business, and our self-righteous egos!"


Hurricane may postpone GOP Convention
Tropical storm Isaac, which is gathering strength in the Caribbean, could strike Florida, hurricane forecasters say, triggering concern it might force a postponement or cancellation of the Republican National Convention in Tampa next week.

It is still too early to predict whether the storm could make a direct hit on the city. Forecast models show Isaac's center following a path that could take it as far west as the Gulf of Mexico and as far east as the Atlantic Ocean by next Monday.  (Details, maps from the NY Times)

Radioman suggests that God may be very angry with Mitt Romney and his party's preoccupation with money and using His followers to solicit votes.


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