Aug 12, 2012

Attn LOCAL TV: The FIX IS IN...about stealing this US Presidential Election!

It's certainly not worth the fuss they're making of it!   Or IS IT?  LOCAL TV:  SCroll down to see what you should do to serve your viewers!

    • Hope Miller They could solve this entire "problem" by making a free picture ID of everyone who registers to vote that could be updated when you move by going either to the Sec. of State in person or on the state's website. Problem solved! You're welcome, RepubliTARDS! Hahahaha!

    • Radioman KansaSitty Oh, they're not REPUBLI-TARDS....Hope. They're very shrewd capitalist party members of the right. They've been working on sneaky stuff to beat their enemies since Nixon days. They've learned a lot since 1972 to do it without getting busted and forcing their tricky president to RESIGN!
      This is exactly like stealing the election with hanging chads and a Republican Florida Secretary of State. But it took planning and conspiracy, and closed door sessions to get this in place in so many states before this year's fall election! 

      They've gone even further in the swing state of Ohio where Republican counties stay open longer than Democratic part because they have a Republican State Secretary of State who has no respect for the spirit of our democracy. And has put his party before the American ideal that every citizen should be able to vote.   He has broken his trust with his state's citizens to party loyalty.

      THE FIX MAY BE ALREADY IN, I fear, because the Republicans have shrewdly suppressed the votes of many of America's potential democratic voters -- the young and the old who don't have valid photo drivers licenses.

      Millions of people in KEY STATES may be turned away from voting in November without the NEW ID, and there may be riots in the streets over it, if the candidate they WOULD have voted for, doesn't win.

      I fear only an appeal to the US Supreme Court by November would restore voting democracy under the 4th Amendment Equal Protection Clause...but I don't see anybody moving that way, so that might be wishful thinking on my part, since I'm hardly a Constitutional lawyer.

      It's a 21st century Poll Tax to keep poor and black people from voting. Goes completely against the spirit of the 1965 Voting Rights Act passed by a better Congress.

      Some state-level rogue Republicans have admitted it was a legislative conspiracy in their states all along, to keep likely democrats from voting at all. I think Republicans are hoping this works in swing states to tip the vote to Romney and the rich on election night. We won't know til the Night of November 6th.

      If Romney wins, and makes a couple very conservative Supreme Court appointments to turn this into a corporate police state after a few sessions, well, it's a good thing they've established a Homeland Security Army. And bought lots of ammunition. Why?

      Even UNEMPLOYED Americans are used to be able to vote, and they will be pi$$ed beyond belief! And veterans are armed to the teeth and are very funny about their Constitution. I think the Tea Party is fickle enough to turn on the Republicans in a heartbeat, even if the Koch Brothers libertarians ARE paying the propaganda bills. Remember your history of the Revolutionary War!

      Hope it ain't so, but here's a few quotes from Thomas Jefferson to remind us that everybody needs a REVOLUTION, every once in awhile because governments are naturally corrupted by their power. The Dept of Homeland Security, part of the US government, probably wouldn't like that notion much because they might confuse loyalty to their Administration than their Constitution.
      The question is, would they get obedience from their soldiers to fight their own countrymen? Retired Marines I've talked to don't think so, because they're really INTO their Constitution.
      Thomas Jefferson Every generation needs a new revolution.

      Attention TV Stations:  Do your job, research your state's ID requirements and explain in SPADES how to comply with them.  And not just on ONE newscast.  Do it as often as you follow some stupid crime after day.    It's in your communities' "PUBLIC INTEREST"!

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