Jul 1, 2012

Skipwaves: Week's most interesting outrageous posts in one read.

GOP tries to strangle federal regulation of Wall Street by cutting off their regulation money...even as JP Morgan goes in the tank!  Obama plans to veto bill.


Loss From Risky JP Morgan Trade Could Reach $9 Billion |  

The risky trading at mega-bank JP Morgan Chase that came to light last month — first reported as causing a $2 billion loss — could end up costing the bank up to $9 billion, according to internal reports. 

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon was called to testify before Congress this month about the bank’s risky behavior, where, instead of pushing for stricter regulations, Senate Republicans asked him for marching orders.   JP Morgan plans to disclose part of its total trading losses in mid-July, when it will report its second-quarter earnings.


Bigger than the Immigration Decision!

A Nation at Risk.  Supreme Court hands our Democracy over to the Corporations, part II. 

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday struck down Montana's century-old limits on corporate political spending, putting an end to the state's resistance to Citizens United and effectively expanding that controversial ruling to the state and local elections.

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, decided in January 2010, struck down federal limits on campaign spending by corporations and unions as violations of the First Amendment.
Read more from HuffPost 

The Supreme Court must GO!  The only way to get rid of these fascists is to vote for Obama who will assuredly appoint TWO JUSTICES, replacing two who are about to retire.     Voting for Romney will make it worse, HE will make the appointments.  And we'll be stuck with these activist corporate-loving clowns for 25 years!   Virtually the end of citizen democracy.   Read the entire essay on Radioman's Facebook page.

On Immigration...

(Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday upheld the main provision of Arizona's crackdown on illegal immigrants but threw out three other parts, handing partial victories to President Barack Obama in his challenge to the law and to the measure's conservative supporters.  More on this important story


 Insurance Company BOSSES make a killing off of sick people!

Corporate Insurance Company CEOs stealing from you, charging you high health insurance premiums, making it so some cannot afford insurance at all, not paying claims, lowering the payment of claims, raising deductibles lowering the percentages they will pay. IT.MUST.STOP.!
...where your health dollars go, instead of for health care...


NPR, Fox, MSNBC, CNBC - Mainstream Media Keep Interviewing the Same NJ "small business owner" -- Who's being put on the news over- and- over by a GOP/ALEC-linked group with one point-of- view.

 He's a Karl Rove flunky who plays a 'small businessman' on TV and they fall for it over- and -over!!    More from Alternet


Could it happen here?

Three Police Shot Dead at Mexico City Airport

MEXICO CITY—Gunmen with suspected ties to a drug cartel, wearing police uniforms, opened fire and killed three federal police officers at a food court in Mexico City's bustling international airport Monday morning, sending panicked passengers and bystanders to duck for cover under tabletops, according to officials and witnesses.

The grisly incident was the first of its kind at the airport, which is usually packed with locals and foreign tourists. It was also a rare reminder for residents of the relatively safe capital—and less than a week before the country's presidential elections—of the kinds of killings that happen every day across the country in turf wars between drug gangs that have killed at least 55,000 people in the past six years.  More from WSJ


 Reports of racial problems in Chicago being covered up by police and media.

author-image by Colin FlahertyEmail | Archive Colin Flaherty is a talk-show host, online ad agency owner and author of "White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America and how the media ignore it."

According to a statement in the Chicago Tribune, reporting on the race of individuals involved in news events, such as mobs attacking, robbing and vandalizing, is irrelevant.

A news anchor at the ABC affiliate in Chicago goes even further: Anyone who reads or writes about the epidemic of racial violence in Chicago is an “idiot” who engages in “meaningless … race baiting,” says Ravi Baichwal.
City officials and the media might be the only two places left where people still deny Chicago is under assault from more than 50 episodes of black mobs attacking, beating, robbing and vandalizing over the last three years in and around downtown. Many of them are on display at YouTube.

Some call it the “Chicago Intifada.”

Over just the last two weeks, black mobs are under investigation in at least five new violent incidents in downtown Chicago.

And according to the award-winning police blog Second City Cop, there may be 25 more incidents of mob violence and lawlessness in that weekend alone that were never reported.

 Read the rest from WND on "Chicago's Unreported Race War     

 Chicago cops outnumbered



The Ed Show   |  Aired on June 23, 2012

Corporate profits up, jobs down

New number show corporations are raking in more profit now than ever before. Meanwhile, they are refusing to hire workers and wages are at an all-time low. Ed Schultz goes through the numbers.   VIDEO:  See More from MSNBC




 Who signed the Wall Street Bailout?  Bush or Obama?

You'd be amazed how many Fox Sheeple think Obama did.


 Kansas Board of Health Revokes License Of Doctor For Not Forcing 10 Year Olds To Give Birth

Dr Neuhaus
In a continuing effort to both curb access to abortion and reiterate their own opinion that there is never any situation where abortion could be necessary for a patient's well-being, the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts has decided in favor of revoking Dr. Ann Neuhaus's medical license. Neuhaus, a colleague of Dr. George Tiller, assisted him by providing second opinions for mental health exceptions for late abortions.  More on this from ALTERNET


 More on this shocking story from HuffPost


The tattoo removal business is booming these days, as youthful decisions quickly turn into grown-up regrets. Of the 40 million Americans who've been inked at least once, one in six end up regretting it. For the full story, go to TheBostonChannel.com


Blunt Votes to Protect Tax Breaks for Big Oil. Again.

Oil prices falling after Obama leans on oil speculators who are jacking the prices up to make millions.   More on prices from Huff Post.  


Hezbolla and Iranian diplomats seen scoping out US targets in NY, perhaps elsewhere.  Serious or not?  More from Reuters on this.

What the Iranians threaten if the US attacks them...


33 Things You Didn't Know about the making of the movie Titanic.


TOMKAT is over.  Yup, Katie Holmes is suing Tom Cruise for Divorce after six years of marriage.   They have one child.  Broke my heart when she married that dirtclod, so I'm not crying too much.  He was never good enough for her.


USE YOUR I-phone....but not too much. AT&T guarantees you the internet highway but not the speed...throttles top users back to snails place!   More on the outrage.


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