Jul 23, 2012

Red haired spectacle, made for television news

From the London Daily MAIL:

Eyes rolling, head swaying and that bright red Joker hair: Colorado killer faces victims' families in bizarre first appearance in court

  • James Holmes, 24, accused of shooting dead 12 and wounding 58
  • Appeared unemotional and bleary-eyed at Arapahoe Country Courthouse
  • Comes after reports that he was spitting on the floor inside jail and 'thought he was acting in a movie'
  • Formal charges will be filed against Holmes next Monday
  • Prosecutors said they will seek death penalty on advice of family members
  • Legal experts: Defense likely to pursue insanity defense

Radioman sez:

Nuts all right. And people probably knew it. I suppose we're going to have to endure daily stories about this ass until he is found guilty...and then have to deal with him during his sentencing process, and then again leading up to his execution. I'd just as soon not hear anymore about him but a note he's been executed.  

For now, lets change the focus and go fix our idiotic gun laws before some OTHER mail order mass murderer makes it happen again.    NRA, STFU!  Politicians, show some balls against them!   Do it before America turns into the mideast!

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